Letters to the Editor Week 19

Hospital donation appreciated

Regarding the donation of $45,000 for Hospital Construction Project. Dr.David Webber and the Board of Directors of Wenatchee Valley Medical Center:

With great respect and many thanks, the North Valley Hospital Board ofCommissioners would like to express their appreciation for the $45,000 donationtowards completion of a Swing Bed room in the new hospital addition. This is avery generous donation and not only helps us complete an important patient carearea in the construction project, but also helps us control our constructionbudget.

We especially appreciate the efforts of Dr. James Helleson and the otherphysicians and providers at North Valley Family Medicine who understand ourneed and have helped with the planning of the new hospital addition.


Helen L. Casey, Board Chairperson

North Valley Hospital District

Board of Commissioners


Looking for answers

Are we really going to lose Dr. Thrasher from the Tonasket-Orovillearea?   After finally finding the DoctorI could depend on for good medical treatment & you let him go? I can’tbelieve it!

What is the real reason he is being let go?

 Does he spend too much timehelping us patients?  When we get aconscientious doctor who is so knowledgeable in so many areas and he’s hereless than a year?  He also has aspecialty in the drug Subuxone, which is the new drug that finally helps thoseaddicted to drugs finally have something to take away their craving and gettheir lives on track.

 What are they supposed to donow?

 Only trained physicians candispense this drug.  And thank God forthat.

 What is going on?

I have more questions and so few answers… would the people on thehospital board please respond to my questions, please?

Very unhappy losing Dr. Thrasher.

Mary Lassila



Good talent arrived at Tonasket

I want to thank the Gazette-Tribune for providing good publicity to thecommunity. Last week the Community Cultural Center in Tonasket was host to amagnificent Flamenco dancer, singer and two very talented musicians.Encarnacion and Eric Jaeger are from the Seattle area and have performed onsome of Seattle’s well known stages. Eric is also lead guitarist and cofounderof the band Children of the Revolution. However, the Tonasket community showedthem we were delighted to have them in the Cultural Center performing before anenthusiastic crowd on Sunday night.

At this time the Center does not have a stage but that did not diminishthe quality of the program and the crowd showed their appreciation to them.Next time they return, we will have a room and stage where everyone can see theterrific Flemenco dancing. (Coming, Fall 2010)

Delicious tapas prepared by a group of gals from the Center were a bighit. A few of the Board members commented that they were pleased to see manynew faces from the community and Canada. We hope to see you back!

I have beeninvolved with the Center for only ten months and have seen talent and communityefforts grow to make a great place for all. Thank you for the advertising yougave in order for the community to enjoy good entertainment.

Jean Pfeifer


Member of theEvent Committee at the CCC