Letters to the Editor, Sept. 1 issue

More problems on Hwy. 7
Dear Editor,
            Itseems like we, the residents of Highway 7, have adjusted to the fact that thereseems to be no speed limit on Highway 7, our pets do not have a chance if theyhappen to wander out or to the side of the road! I really miss myseven-year-old spade female Siamese, Sissy. She lived most of her years at thisaddress and was wary of the traffic. Sissy was killed on Friday, Aug. 12 by aspeeding vehicle.
            Now wehave a new killer to worry about, my five-year-old neutered Tabby cat was shotin the eye and left to die in the driveway on Wednesday, Aug. 23 in the earlymorning. Rambo was a nervous cat and never ventured onto the road! Hopefully asmall child will be spared!
            Hopefullysomeone will hear who our shooter is and something will be done aboutthis!
June Bardonski

Doesn’tpay fair share
This is a reminder to register to vote and to vote.
Hello,I’m contemplating running for the position of County Commissioner. My name isRoger Rylander. My platform would be this, "Concerning property taxes:Open Space Tax on Open Space." Open space does not pay its fair share forour schools or other expenses. In many cases it costs the county more money tocollect, record and maintain than the county charges for taxes.
WashingtonState Constitution Article 19: Essentially, the Homestead is simply a sum ofmoney: All private land is for sale, it is inventory or in the bank. Well, thebank is going bankrupt. So called heirloom Open Space property is taxed so lowthat it would never build a new school or anything else.
Now then a wordor so about me. Clarification on my still-standing contempt charge. No one hasthe right to cut a chain and install a lock on state land. To claim imminentdomain or try to place a lien or encumbrance on property within the statehighway set back from centerline is folly. I will not participate in criminaltrespass. I removed the bridge on Highway 20. I own the wood and my neighborsown the property. Permits are laws. I’m subordinate to permit #4078 whichinvolves the D.O.T., D.O.E., SEPA and a host of other agencies. I submitted aletter to the courts and planning department from the neighbor I shared thethen existing bridge with. The letter asked me to remove the bridge. I agreedwith them, remove the bridge; the plaintiffs never took that neighbor to court.I was found in contempt; the plaintiffs claimed damages, so we sell my home.Two sheriff sales later and we found out that my home can’t be sold becauseit’s not worth enough money to sell, like I say: all property will be sold. Youmust pay both your property taxes and your neighbors’ contempt damages. Onemore thing. The sheriff claims my address was 240 Hwy 20. I corrected them andshowed them the courthouse records for taxes and mailing purposes. My home andproperty predate the 911 addressing system and at first it was RylanderWauconda Star Rt. The sheriff would not change their records to match the auditor’soffice. 1987-2007: 240 Hwy. 20 is fiction; the county could not tax the plaintiffsjigsaw puzzle legal description. I was taken to court by Open Space Taxdodgers. One campaign slogan I came up with is (a rearranged quote by JohnnyCash), You can thank me for the gravel in the roads because I’m the CountyCommissioner that named you Open Space Tax Dodgers "Sue." A lot of myfriends have thinned out already. They say they don’t want these judges gettingany ideas about their homes and property. Well, now I lose a few more friends.That’s all right. I’ll make some new ones.
Only a judge may correct ajudge’s error. I must now bring a fourth judge into Okanogan County to correctthe first three judges as well as two court commissioners and three law firms.Permits require signatures and dates. My property does not abut the statehighway. Hwy. 20 E. is a Class 1 Highway – Military Transport. Let’s keep itsafe. We need to pay for our schools. Here’s a slogan: We say it’s time to makea new start, get rid of these fellers and make a new smart.
I feel that Ineed to remove myself from any liabilities before I can officially announce mycandidacy. I must place a disclaimer on my letter because I have no legalbackground. This letter is true and accurate, but now I’m left wide open forlawsuits and I don’t like it.
Permit 4078 is in compliance with terms of1978. There have been four one-car accidents leaving the roadway within mysight distance in the last six years. I will not be held liable for your use ofHwy. 20. I might be seeking campaign funds or money for bail, I don’t know. Ittakes an attorney to clear this up so that I could run for office. Why is thisgoing to take a thundering herd of turtles to sort out? And to think, thislegal roller coaster is still going up, it’s going click-click-click,surprise-surprise-surprise, order-order-order. Perhaps starting off with arestraining order and cutting a chain and installing a lock is making a mockeryof free speech. Permits are daylight, full disclosure, unless they are in acourtroom.
Roger Rylander

Exercisein Obamaphobia
Dear Editor,
Atthe request of two well-dressed and polite young men, I once studied The Bookof Mormon. By the opaque thinking of the Tonasket Yazidi, Steve Lorz, this isirrefutable proof that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints. (e.g. Lorz’ proof that President Obama is a Muslim "he (Obama)studied the Koran").
In his latest exercise in Obamaphobia, Lorzrambled on for an endless paragraph spouting lies, half-truths, unsupportedassertions and misinterpretations. (Instead of parroting Tea-Party blogs Lorz,try actually reading Obama’s books, particularly page 261 of  "The Audacity of Hope," to see howsinfully you have misinterpreted Obama’s promise to Muslims who are Americancitizens.)
However, the jaw-dropping showstopper of idiotic statements inhis letter has to be-and I quote verbatim- "as president he recommendedthat NASA be turned into a cultural outreach center for the Muslim community!!!!!!!!"Either Lorz does not take the trouble to read what he writes, or he is the mostbone-stupid man in Okanogan County. NASA is a federal agency with close to19,000 employees spread throughout 15 research, development and launchfacilities in at least 14 states. I’m sure your readers would be enthralled tobe informed how such an entity could be turned into a ‘cultural outreachcenter.’ Give us a hint,  O YazidiHoliness. This is the equivalent of stating that Bush the Lesser had proposedthat the U.S. Coast Guard be turned into a cultural outreach center forScientologists.
Finally Editor, how about a one-month moratorium onletters from Steve Lorz and John Connot as a favor to your readers?
Mycenter can outreach yours,
John F.Connot
Everett, Washington

Editor’sReply: I’m willing to apply amonth-long moratorium if you and Mr. Lorz are up for it. In fact, readers whohave approached me on the street have broached the
subject. There have beenseveral requests that we just run letters on local topics. While I won’t gothat far, I do encourage people to more often write about topics related totheir community and the county. There’s nothing wrong with letters about oneslegislative district, state or even national issues. But the back and forth,although often warranted, gets to be a little tedious after awhile. Gary
Dear Editor,
The Washington State RedistrictingCommission recently completed a round of 18 public forums in communitiesthroughout the state. We received many insightful comments both at the forumsand through other submissions.
My fellow commissioners and I say "Thankyou" to all those who took the time to understand the commission’s purposeand to provide comment. You can read all the comments we received, as well aswatch the past webcasts of the forums, on our website atwww.redistricting.wa.gov.
While our final public forum concluded on August9, our work is far from done, and we invite you to check in with us and give usfeedback as we progress to a final redistricting plan. Upcoming milestonesinclude Sept. 13, when commissioners will unveil draft maps for newcongressional and legislative districts and Oct. 11, when we’ll offer amultimedia opportunity for you to express your views directly to theCommissioners. Our goal is to release final plans in early November. Pleasecheck our website for more information. We look forward to hearing fromyou.
Lura Powell – Chairperson
WashingtonState Redistricting Commission
1063 Capitol Way South, Suite 16
Olympia,WA  98504-0948