Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26, 2012

Hope for continued support

Dear Editor,
As members of the Tonasket School Board, we are asking our voters to replace the expiring Maintenance and Operations Levy. Community support is crucial to our quest to provide quality programs and to maintain our facilities and grounds. Continuing reductions in state revenues make this support more important than ever. We are hopeful that levy dollars in our district will generate as much as $762,810 of levy equalization funds from the state, but we receive these funds only if voters approve the levy, and the amount we receive will be decided by the state legislature at a later date. Ballots must be postmarked no later than February 14th.
In recent years, the Tonasket School District has enjoyed an excellent reputation. This is due in large part to the support of our community. We are most grateful, and hope voters will continue their support. Any one of us is willing to answer questions. We may be contacted through the District Office, at (509) 486-2126.
Jerry Asmussen, Chair
Catherine Stangland, Vice Chair
Ernesto Cerrillo, Director
Lloyd Caton, Director
Ty Olson, Director
Tonasket School Board

Like what’s happening

Dear Gary,
I like what’s happening with “our” newspaper! It seems more like our paper again. Of course we all love Boots’ column but it’s really good to see “Items From the Past” back. The sports coverage has been great. I liked an item called “Stats and Stuff” (or something that) but didn’t see it last week.
If we are going to have “color on every page,” will your picture be in color in the Town Crier?
I totally agree with Jackie Daniels about the PUD mailing. Don’t they have any one in that office who has the courage to say “this is silly and wasteful?”
Kenn Tuttle is spot on with his take on our State Department and military attitude toward our Marines. If that happened it is minor compared to the atrocities committed against our troops and correspondents. The differences in cultures is huge.
Did you know the Oroville Police Department has a Facebook page? I’ve seen it as a great way to reunite wayward pets with their owner in a manner that’s fast and cheap for everyone. It can be a community resource of information to be utilized more.
So Gary, you can print or not, cut or edit this any way you like. I trust ya. I mostly wanted you to know what a good job you, your staff and the new publishers are doing. And I don’t feel that having the paper printed in Canada is outsourcing.
Gai Wisdom

Will support for Paul continue?

Dear Editor,
If someone had asked me to predict which of your readers would endorse the unquestionably consistent, unwaveringly sincere, and totally bonkers Republic primary candidate Ron Paul I would have unhesitatingly picked that Yazidi Mullah Steve Lorz.
Since there is 10-1000 chance of Paul’s being the actual Republic party nominee, it will be interesting to see if Lorz will continue to voice support should Paul run as the Libertair party candidate.
(I’m sorry, I don’t know what the nominative form of Libertarian is, or even if there is one.)
Yours truly,
John F. Connot
Everett, Washington