Letters to the Editor 3

Many miles to go

Dear Editor,

My inner compass goes berserk when dawn breaks and I have nothing planned for the day other than to be thankful for a “bonus day” at the age of 82. My obsession to walk many miles is now limited to a mere three to six miles, not 12 or 20.

TV doesn’t offer much, if any, spiritual nourishment. Movies glorify violence and drugs. “Breaking Bad”, a case in point, hopes to inflict a sense of sympathy for an old man and his addicted son to survive by “cooking” methamphetamine and the distribution of same. A channel change and one hears gun shots. There are the “baby making” movies and the more than mere “suggestive” bedroom scenes. We are being nourished with violence, corruption, addiction and sexual exhibitions. It seems we must think “out of the box” to keep our heads above the sand. Today we fight hard to hold on to our old values, principles, trust and courage.

Our new president exhibits much energy and his focus is wide and varied. We wanted change and change is often questioned until positive results emerge. Anyone out there see change? Keep the faith.

Caught in a heavy rain one-quarter mile from home, I headed back home. The phone rang as I turned the key. It was someone who knew my name and number. Sexually explicit offensive language ensued. I simply replied, “Wrong number” and hung up. I proceeded to employ the appropriate authorities to trace the call as the number did not register on my caller ID. The caller was successfully traced. My thanks to deputies Newport and Jones and the telephone security office.

I have to easiest number to remember in my miniature, but complete, community of Chesaw and the surrounding highlands… But folks, I ain’t easy!

A bit of good news… Just heard that the age of 90 will soon be considered “middle age.” Guess I’d better lengthen my stride. Many miles to go before I’m “done.”


Marya Silverthorn



Dear Editor,

I dreamt last night that America’s new president nominated a white man for the supreme court. CNN discovered that in a 2001 speech the nominee had once said:

“I would hope that a wise white man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina female who hasn’t lived that life.” Then: “… our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.”

I dreamt Democrats thence howled that the nominee was a sexist, racist bigot.

Congress cried that he’d just admitted he would rule according to his racial and sexual bias instead of the constitution

En masse, the media went apoplectic screaming there was no place on the U.S. supreme court for such an obvious sexist, racist supremacist.

The president dropped the nominee faster than the Falcons shucked Michael Vick.

Then I awoke to find that it was Obama nominee Sonia Sotomayor who actually made those exact bigoted remarks about white males, FOX ran the story, the rest of the media ignored it, and Obama is dismissing it all as partisan nonsense.

One assumes this shameful hypocrisy must be because white males have no “richness” in their “experiences.”

William Slusher