Just want to find viable solutions

Dear Editor,

Statement on Scope of Concerned Citizens for Tonasket Assisted Living (CCTAL).

It has come to the urgent attention of the community group, The Concerned Citizens for Tonasket Assisted Living, that there have been statements made by hospital management that this citizens’ group wants to shut down North Valley Hospital.

That statement is absolutely untrue! On Tuesday morning Feb. 5, two members of the community group met with Board Chair Helen Casey to receive the Board’s response letter to the community’s request to rescind the decision to close the AL made at the previous board meeting. At this February 5th meeting, it was specifically stated directly to Helen Casey by both community members present that the group was not asking the Board to keep the Assisted Living open and close the hospital – rather we want them both to stay open.

It has taken several generations of community families to build up the local healthcare system to the services it provides today. The Assisted Living facility is a vital piece of that healthcare system, as well as to the viability of the nursing home, clinics, and ultimately the hospital. The Concerned Citizens of the Tonasket Assisted Living group believes that the Board’s decision to close the Assisted Living has already negatively affected North Valley Hospital and the local healthcare system. The closure has caused great stress and family grief to move their loved ones out of the area and has broken the trust of the taxpayers who supported this hospital district. The closure of the Assisted Living will have a very significant impact on the current and future economy of our entire serving area.

It has always been the expressed desire of this group to come to the table with our elected board to find viable solutions to keep all of our healthcare services local for now and the future; whether it be a change in management and/or operations, or to have it operated by other means. This Community needs to be heard. Our elderly population and their families have invested a great deal into the hospital district and they deserve to keep their care “Close to Home”, which is becoming even more apparent with the closure of other Assisted Living Facilities across the state.

The Concerned Citizens for Tonasket Assisted Living is very aware of the importance of all our healthcare services and we are thankful for it every day. We are also grateful for and highly value the many employees who live and work in the hospital district who provide the care to our patients and residents and the lives they save every day.

Concerned Citizens for Tonasket Assisted Living