If Obama Muslim, then Lincoln Jewish

Dear Editor,

Steve Lorz, as usual, totally ignored the point of my letter, i.e. that it is a proven fact that President Obama is NOT a Muslim, nor can Obama’s putative pro-Islam deeds magically make him one. Unlike the non-Calvinistic side of Protestantism, good works and charitable deeds do not lead to the Muslim paradise. I guess Steve should have listened to young Obama’s Quran recital more closely and he would have learned that only those who actively follow the Five Pillars of Islam can be rewarded with paradise.

Incidentally, the fact that Hussein is a popular name among the Shiite branch of Islam (not among the Sunnis whom we are actively fighting) no more proves that Obama is a Muslim than the fact that our 16th president was named Abraham proves that Lincoln was Jewish.

If Mr. Lorz wants to ramble on about why President Obama is trying to turn our country into a Fascist Socialist Syndicalist state he is free to do so, but not as a failed response to my letter.

Thank you,

John F, Connot

Everett, Washington