He should read our American history

Dear Editor,

Steve Dunham (Mandela and Washington -7/18/13) really needs to read some history and expand his knowledge beyond right-wing websites and Fox Noise.

Claiming Nelson Mandela was a “Communist” which he never was – he then faults Mandela for failing to renounce a plan to “violently overthrow the South African government” (an oppressive dictatorship). Yet he seems to ignore the fact George Washington was a British Army Officer who turned on his government and led a rebel army of thousands against it! General Washington was successful in “violently” overthrowing his government.

For that action he was elected our first President and is “the father of our country.” As is Nelson Mandela for exactly the same reasons.

When reading letters like Mr. Dunham’s I am never quite sure if they are spawned by venal hatred for President Obama or just good old fashion racism. At the very least he should read some history – and start with American!

William F. Johnston

Chesaw, Washington