Felt there was discrepancy

Dear Editor,

In the article in the Thursday, July 13 edition of the Gazette-Tribune titled, “Boiler to be replaced,” in noticed a discrepancy. The story read that CEO Linda Michel individually polled the rest of the board members before authorizing McKinstry to proceed.

To clarify:

Linda Michel is not a member of the board nor does she direct it, even though it is apparent some think otherwise. As detailed in “RCW Title 70 Public Health and Safety – Section 70.44.070 Superintendent – Appointment – Removal – Compensation,” she was hired by the board, answers to the board and serves at their pleasure.

The board answers to the people who elect them.

I hope this clears up the apparent confusion on the chain of command at NVH.

David Wolosik


Editor’s Note: The phrase “CEO Linda Michel individually polled the rest of the board members” referred to a paragraph that mentioned that commissioners Lael Duncan and Dick Larson were on the team with other hospital senior leadership and representatives from McKinstry. It was not meant to imply that Michel is one of the board members. She was polling the other board members who were not included on that team. G.A.D.