Appreciate the compliment

Dear Gary,

I would like to thank Jessica McNamara for the nice comments that she made in last week’s paper about “my” letter on grocery store etiquette, even if the wrong person was named. I’m used to it. Seems my little/big brother has been getting credit for things I’ve done all my life. Just the good things of course, and just kidding. I call Bill my little/big brother because he got bigger than me in our teens and boy the fights got nasty then. I wasn’t about to let my little brother whoop me. Before that it was just thump thump and it was over.

Little brothers/sisters hate it when we call them that, eh? Gotta irritate `em some how. I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity, especially in the paper. Thanks again Jessica. You must not be from the “Me” self-centered little brat generation to actually compliment someone.

Bob Nicholson