Tonasket City-wide Clean-up Day, Oct. 3

Tonasket will have a City-wide Clean-up Day Saturday, Oct. 3 for city residents and businesses, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We are also going to clean up the last mile of Bonaparte Creek that day to prepare for possible runoff issues that could occur this spring,” said Mayor Patrick Plumb. “We will need a lot of assistance with this, so please, if you can, come help the City of Tonasket clean up Bonaparte Creek. This an acute need.”

There will be several very large dumpsters from Upper Valley Disposal located at the City Shop, 500 Railroad Avenue in Tonasket.

Items not able to be accepted include wet paint, oil, tires, car batteries or hazardous materials. It is not yet known whether appliances will be accepted.

In other city council business, the City of Tonasket will be requesting from the Town of Pateros the language added to their code after the Carlton Complex to allow recreational vehicles to connect to City Water and Sewer connections in the city with a limit of two years after adoption of the ordinance so that the conditional variance would then go back to normal zoning rules. “This may need to go before the Planning Commission, but I am hoping to move forward with this by the next meeting to help our neighbors in need,” said Plumb.

At the September 8 meeting of the Tonasket City Council, city planner Kurt Danison stated the North Okanogan communities have “really stepped up and are ahead of expectations on setting up the Long Term Recovery Committee.”

The next scheduled meeting of the Tonasket City Council has been moved from Tuesday, Sept. 22 to Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. A public hearing will take place at that meeting for the normal budget process to identify revenue sources.