Oroville concerned County Health may close

“I think we should respond either individually or as a city” Oroville Mayor Chuck Spieth

City passes recent federally required audit with flying colors

OROVILLE – The Oroville City Council was informed that Okanogan County Health may no longer do water sample testing and may even close.

“We do a lot of testing in Wenatchee, things they can’t do, but there is talk that the whole department may close. That would be inconvenient,” said Rod Noel, Oroville’s superintendent of public works, at the council’s Tuesday, Oct. 6 meeting.

“Not only that it would be inconvenient for the general public,” said Councilman Tony Koepke.

Koepke was referring to the fact that Oroville often acts as a drop off for people, especially those living outside the city limits. County Health regularly stops by city hall to pick up both the city’s samples and those dropped off by others.

“There can be ten to 12 other samples waiting here,” said Karen Monroe, deputy city clerk.

Mayor Chuck Spieth said he thought there should be a response to the fact the county wasn’t going to do water sampling any more.

“I think we should respond, either individually or as a city,” said Spieth.

They also asked Councilwoman Neysa Roley, the city’s representative to the Public Health Board, to express relay the city’s concerns.

There was more discussion about the increase in fees being charged to the city next year for online reservation services for Oroville’s Osoyoos Lake Veterans Memorial Park.

“Basically the contract from Camis is the same other than the fee increase. However, the one time yearly charge will go away,” said Noel. “We have been working with them continuously as well as looking for an alternative. We pretty much have to go with them again for another year while we look for another service.”

The fees to those using the service are going up by $4.00.

“It seems like a lot to me and it seems they will be making a lot more money than we are getting,” said Councilman Ed Naillon.

Noel said he figured it would balance out if the city raises the park fee and the one-time yearly fee charged by Camis is dropped.

Clyde Andrews, Oroville Chamber of Commerce President and manager of the Camaray Motel suggested the city consult him about future changes.

“The service I’m taking about was one I’ve used and they seemed very reasonable and reasonably priced,” he said.

The city also passed a recent audit with flying colors. The audit was brought on by the Central and Cherry Street projects and the airport improvement project. When a city uses more than $300,000 in federal funds the audit is automatically triggered.

Two of the candidates for Oroville City Council, David “Mac” McElheran and Robert Fuchs introduced themselves. McElheran works for the U.S. Border Patrol and moved here eight years ago. He is running for the position being vacated by Councilman Naillon. Fuchs works for Hughes Department Store and moved to Oroville 15 years ago. Both will be at a candidates forum planned for Thursday, Oct. 15 at Vicki’s Backdoor Club.