Ornamental Change



Gary DeVon/Staff photos

XMass-Bulbs-1-47Members of Oroville Streetscape and other volunteers have been changing the color of the lightbulbs on the Oroville Community Christmas decorations to make the lighted poinsettias more recognizable this holiday season. While in the past some say they readily recognized the decorations for what they were – pointed flower petals with leaves and a stem, many have had trouble figuring out what the large decorations lit with all white bulbs, are supposed to be. On FaceBook, there has been much discussion and a few wild guesses, ranging from stars to ducks. This year Streetscape has purchased several boxes of red and green bulbs, at cost, from Hughes Department Store, to make the flowers red and the leaves and stems green. The change costs about $25 per poinsettia and Streetscape is asking the community to help by donating money to purchase additional lightbulbs. “We didn’t have the funds to do all the decorations in red this year, so we will have some red and some white flowers, all with green stems,” said Lynn Chapman, president of Streetscape. Above, Hilary Blackler, Joyce Forrester, Joan Cool, Shelly Roberts Lynn Chapman and Meredith Moultrie with one of the completed poinsettia decorations. Left, Chapman and Forrester replace white bulbs with green for the leaves. Donations can be made to Streetscape, P.O. Box 299, Oroville, WA 98844. For those that want to donate to purchase the more costly LED bulbs, donations can be made at Oroville City Hall where a fund has been started.