Looks like Tonasket Parks & Rec. District has approval of voters

Frazier, Fancher, lead in races for school boards

OKANOGAN – Approval of the Tonasket Parks and Recreation District seems assured and two incumbent school directors may have lost their seats on their school boards if the follow-up ballot counts continues in the same direction as the first count after Tuesday’s General Election.

The first ballot count for the Nov. 3 General Election took place at the Okanogan County Auditor’s office at 8:24 p.m. The results are unofficial until all the valid ballots are counted and several mail-in ballots postmarked by election day may remain to be counted. The next count is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 6, with the election expected to be certified on Tuesday, Nov. 24. (We will have an update online Friday after the next count).

The Parks and Recreation

Vote-Ton-Parks-&-Rec-46The pro Parks & Rec. District votes are leading 511, or 63.01 percent, to 300, or 36.99 percent against. The proposition seeks to create a Tonasket Park and Recreation District that would allow the district to tax people within the district to “provide leisure time activities and recreational facilities.” The district would be authorized to impose regular property tax levies of 15 cents or less per thousand dollars of assessed valuation on all property located within the Tonasket Park and Recreation District for each of five consecutive years to provide a means of both maintaining a community swimming pool and maintaining existing Tonasket City Parks.

The district would be governed by a newly elected five member board. The ballot asked voters within the district’s boundaries, both inside and outside of Tonasket city limits, to vote for a new board of five members. Running unopposed for the Parks & Rec. Board were Kathleen Thompson, Billie Kay Attwood and Jordon Weddle, for positions 1 through 3, respectively.

In position 4, the voters are asked to choose between Tyler Graves and Shawn E. Brazil. Brazil currently has the lead in that race, with 290 votes to Graves 215. In position 5, David Stangland and Michael Ward both appeared on the ballot, although Ward had dropped out of the race and threw his support to Stangland. According to Tuesday’s count Stangland was leading 416 to 158.

Oroville School Board

Vote-Frazier-DeVon-46In an upset vote, it appears Ryan Frazier, a former Oroville High School social studies teacher has defeated Rocky DeVon, the sitting chairman of the school board in Director Position 5. Frazier was a probationary teacher whose contract was not picked up after the 2014-15 school year. He is leading DeVon, who owns Oroville RE/MAX Lake and Country Realty, 442 votes (62.87 percent) to 261 votes (37.1 percent). Frazier currently works for Sun Lakes Realty in Oroville.

Kolo Moser, Agent in Charge of the Oroville Station of the U.S. Border Patrol, is ahead in the race against Becky Lewis, president of the Oroville Co-op Preschool. Moser has 426 votes (63.58 percent) to Lewis’ 244 (36.42 percent) for Director Position 2. The winner will take the seat being vacated by Amy Wise, a long time member of the school board.

Returning to the board in Position 1 will be Todd Hill and for Position 3, Mike Egerton. Both the incumbents ran unopposed for their seats.

Tonasket School Board

Vote-Fancher-OlsonIn a closer race it appears Joyce Fancher, a retired Tonasket teacher and former Tonasket City Councilwoman and school board member, has regained a seat on the school board in Director Position 3. She is leading Ty Olson, owner operator of Ty Olson Construction, by a 107 vote margin, 545 to 438.

Incumbents Catherine Stangland, Director Position 2 and Jerry D. Asmussen, Director Position 5, each ran unopposed and were elected to new four-year terms.

Oroville City Council

Vote-Roley-Allen-46Neysa Roley, the incumbent for the Oroville City Council in Position 5, may have retained her seat if early vote counts are any prediction. She is out ahead of Chris Allen by 58 votes – 147 to 89.

In the council seat being vacated by Ed Naillon, David “Mac” McElheran is leading Robert Fuchs for Position 3. McElheran has a 46 vote lead, 130 to 94, against Fuchs for Council Position 3.

Incumbent Walt Hart III, is also returning to the council in Position 4. Hart, a long time member of the council, ran unopposed this election.

Tonasket City Council

All three positions up for election on the Tonasket City Council were unchallenged, elected to Positions 2 and 4 are Jensen Sackman and Maria Moreno, respectively, while Claire Jefko, the incumbent, returns to Position 5.

Other unopposed offices

Herbert Wandler finds himself back on the board for Hospital District 4. The current North Valley Hospital District Commissioner ran unopposed for another six-year term in Position 3. Candidates for other offices include: Gary Nelson, Cemetery District 4 (Riverview, Oroville); Kenneth D. Ripley, Commissioner Position 3 for Fire District 1 (Oroville, Rural); Duane Van Woert and Jack Denison, for Commissioner Positions 2 and 3 respectively, for Fire District 4 (Tonasket area), Mark Robanske for Position 3, for Fire District 12 ( Swanson Mill); Michael Woelke and Robert K. Bauer, for Commissioner Positions 2 and 3 respectively, for Fire District 16 (Aeneas Valley) and Guy D. Fisher, Leland “Lee” Chapman and Mike Cantwell, for Commissioner Positions 1, 2 and 3, respectively for the Lake Osoyoos Water District.

For full county election results see: http://results.vote.wa.gov/results/current/okanogan/