Asmussen and Kester lead in race for PUD Commissioner #3

Still too early to count out any candidates

OKANOGAN – Jerry D. Asmussen and Aaron Kester were the two top vote getters for the office of Okanogan County PUD Commissioner, District 3, in today’s primary election. The next ballot count is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 5 with further counts next week. There are as many as 2,647 ballots outstanding and the election results are not official until certified Aug. 16.

Asmussen took home 648 votes (56.79%) to lead all three candidates running for the office. Kester received 281 votes (24.63%) and John Hamilton Graham got 205 (17.97%) based on the early ballot county on election day, Aug. 2.While not official until certified on Tuesday, Aug.16, it’s uncertain if the next ballot count scheduled for Friday, Aug. 5, will change the results of the race for PUD Commissioner. If not, Asmussen and Kester will face off in the November general election.

The other two races of particular importance to county voters was for the County Board of Commissioners in Positions 1 and 2. In a close three-way race for Position 1, Incumbent Sheilah Kennedy, a Republican, has narrow lead over the next two highest vote getters. Republican Larry W. Schreckengast is second, while Independent Chris Branch is third. It’s still too early and there are two many ballots, approximately 2674 remaining, to call that race just yet.

The voting went as follows, Kennedy, 272 (28.91%); Schreckengast, 253 (26.89%); Branch, 238 (25.29%) and Independent Ted Reinbold, 177 (18.81%).

While those living within District 3 did not cast ballots in the primary for either County Commissioner Position 1 or 2, all eligible voters will be able to chose from the two top vote getters in the general election. The final two winners in this race may have to wait until the next vote count, although very few votes in the all by-mail election are left to tally.

In the contest for County Commissioner Position 2, Republican Andy Hover, the son of former commissioner Don “Bud” Hover, had a large lead with 624 votes (41.63%). Ashley W. Thrasher, who did not give a party preference, took second with 473 votes (31.55%). Republican Ray Campbell, the incumbent, trailed with 330 votes (22.01%) and Republican Stan R. Kvistad was a distant fourth with 71 votes (4.74%).