Who Called Me? 10 Free Sites to Find Out Who Is Calling Me

Getting calls from unknown numbers can be a worrying experience because you start to ask, “who called me from this phone number?” If the number is calling you repeatedly, then there is a high chance that they may be a stalker, scammer, or telemarketer. There is also a chance that the caller inform you of an emergency.

It is also possible that the caller is someone you already know but haven’t spoken to in some time. It could be a long-lost school friend, an old colleague, or even a relative that you haven’t seen for a while.

Here is a list of some of the best reverse phone lookup tools to help you check “who is calling me”. As a start followings are the top picks.

  • Spokeo: Best Overall for Fast and Easy Find Out Who Is Calling Me
  • CocoFinder: Best for Secure and Efficient Find Out Who Called Me
  • Instant CheckMate: Best for Instant to Find Out Who Is Calling Me
  • Real People Search: Best for Quick and Free Find Out Who Called Me

10 Free Sites to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number



Spokeo is a free reverse phone lookup that allows you to search landline or cell phone number records so that you can identify who’s calling or texting you, especially with missed calls from an unknown number. Spokeo searches millions of phone records and is one of the fastest services available. It can provide search results in seconds with details such as name, address, and more.

Currently, the Spokeo app is only available for Android devices, and they are working on an app for iOS systems. A basic search on Spokeo is free, and a more detailed report costs just 95c for a one-off or $25 a month for a monthly subscription. The free or one-off reports are ideal for a trial, and the monthly fee is for ongoing service.


  • Started as a social network aggregator since 2006
  • Over 12 billion records from thousands of data sources
  • Easy-to-understand reports
  • Advancing transparency
  • Leveraging experience

Spokeo Offers a Fast & Easy Solution to Find Out Who Called Me



CocoFinder is a free reverse phone lookup tool that enables you to check on anyone calling you, whether individuals or businesses. The search interface is very simple, you just enter the phone number in the search box and with one click you will get to know the caller in a few minutes.

CocoFinder is also a people search service that can offer you detailed data about a person based on any information you have about them, such as their name, phone number, etc. Just enter the information you have on them and hit the Start Search button.

CocoFinder will then run through its databases and find relevant information available about them including present address, court records, employment status, and other personal details. All information comes from public databases so it is perfectly legal.


  • Trusted and verified sources
  • Super fast & easy
  • In-depth results
  • Secure and legitimate databases
  • Desktop and mobile optimized

Go to CocoFinder to Find Out Who Is Calling Me From This Phone Number

Instant CheckMate


Instant Checkmate is a reverse phone number lookup website that allows users to search public records for information on any person. It is a subscription-based service and is one of the most reputable background check services available.

A 5-day trial only costs $1 and the subscription fees range from $23 for one month to about $9 a month for 6 months or more. People generally use this service to find information on neighbors, friends, and potential partners and also for reverse phone lookup.

The website has a convenient and easy user interface with a search feature that takes information from multiple databases. Instant Checkmate has a solid rating with the Better Business Bureau, and positive customer reviews on sites such as Trustpilot.


  • Convenient mobile app
  • Unlimited searches from trusted sources
  • Results you can trust
  • Dedicated to customer privacy

If You Want to Find Out Who Called You, Instant CheckMate Is Your Top Option

Real People Search


The web platform of Real People Search is very easy to navigate because it provides all the necessary information in just one place. The main menu is on the left side of the screen and subcategories are listed and the search box is on the top of the home page. All the information is clearly labeled and easy to find.

This site enables you to look for information about your friends and find people you have lost contact with. There are a number of ways you can search for someone; you can search by name, email address, phone number, location, and any other details you already know. The site will usually return lots of results, but you can narrow it down by using filtering options.

Because the search tools use a number of public records and databases that reveal the required person’s identity and personal details, the information is accurate and there is no chance of false or misinterpreted facts in the search results.


  • Credible sources
  • Advanced transparency
  • Extensive reports
  • Cooperative customer support

Click Here to Find Out Who Called You Fast With Real People Search

People Find Fast

People Find Fast allows you to look for someone’s phone number or see who is calling you from an unknown number. It is an ideal tool for seeking out who is trying to contact you before you decide to return the call. This online tool can help you find information about someone, whether they’re a business owner, telemarketer, or individual.

You can search not only by phone number, but also use this tool to search people by their email address, street address, first name, or last name. So, if someone is emailing you, pretending to be someone important, you can check their authenticity using People Find Fast.


  • A wide array of services
  • In-depth search results
  • Verified and Credible sources

When You Need to Find Out Who Called You Fast, Use People Find Fast

People Fast Find


People Fast Find searches through every available record in the white pages and in phone directories to find out your target person’s details and identity and present the information in an understandable report. Whether it’s a missed call or an unknown incoming call, the service will identify the owner of any phone number in seconds.

You can start the search process with a single click on the ‘’Search’’ button Once the search is complete, the information of the phone numbers will be displayed as a complete report. People Fast Find offers other services such as email lookup and background check, and all data is gathered from official and public databases so you can be sure the results are accurate and genuine.


  • Secure & efficient reverse phone lookup
  • Accurate and legitimate results
  • Higher privacy

Turn to People Fast Find to Seek Out Who Is Calling Me Now

Find People First


Find People First delivers quick, accurate, and relevant search results and the accuracy of its data is enabled through the help of government agencies and public records.It doesn’t collect data from unverified sources like social media and only uses verifiable public records.

It is easy to discover the owner of a particular phone number, whether landline or mobile, along with other personal details like address, location, employment details, and more. Mistakes are very rare because its database is recently updated. And there is no data tracking when you use this tool, so no one can find out who is searching for them – it is completely confidential.


  • Huge database of public records
  • No data tracking, completely confidential
  • High accuracy, database regularly updated

Looking for Who Called You? Try Find People First Right Now

Find People Easy


Find People Easy is a free service that allows you to search for the name and address of any person through millions of public records. The website also provides a person’s background information and you can use it to find personal details of your neighbors and people you meet or have contact with.

It also provides a reverse phone lookup service which is fast, easy, and safe. This tool gives you the person’s name, address, age, and education in complete confidence. It also allows you to search for an unknown caller’s information. You can even discover their previous contact. One slight negative is there is no mobile app which limits overall accessibility.


  • Large & powerful database
  • Safe and confidential
  • Newbie-friendly interface

When You Need to Find Out Who Called Me, Look For Find People Easy First

Fast People Finder


Fast People Finder provides its users with details of unknown callers with its free reverse phone lookup search engine, allowing users to get basic information such as name, age, social media profiles, and other key records, in a matter of seconds. It can also provide information about businesses if they are publicly registered entities.

The user interface is extremely simple and you can do an unlimited number of free searches. One drawback to this service is that it does not work with international numbers and its search engine is restricted to US municipal, county, state, and federal databases only.


  • Credible data sources
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Great customer service

To Find Out Who Called Me Fast, Go to the Easy Fast People Finder Website

Find People Faster


There are a number of options for phone lookup websites, most of which are efficient and reliable.Find People Faster is a recommended tool for providing personal search data and has received many good customer reviews.

It has a user-friendly website, so even an unskilled user can easily conduct a search. The platform provides the most up-to-date information since the database is regularly updated. Find People Faster gives you authentic information from reliable sources. The data is compiled from government and public records.


  • Trust-worthy sources
  • Confidential searching
  • Responsive for multiple devices

Customers Recommend Find People Faster to Figure Out Who Called Me

What Are the Benefits of Finding Out Who Called Me?

A telephone is a powerful tool for communication, but many people misuse it. If you get a missed call from an unknown number, it’s always best to check first

Find Out Unknown Calls or Texts

There can be any number of reasons for missed calls with unknown numbers, and reverse phone lookup lets you check who they are from before you call them back

Keep Your Family Safe

Unknown calls might be from stalkers, or from people trying to find out who is at home. Keep your loved ones safe by checking all calls when you don’t recognize the number

Identify Spam Calls

Telemarketing and cold calling have been prevalent for a while, so before you call back to an unknown number, check first before getting in a lot of sale patterns.

Verify Online Date

Online dating is common these days, and sometimes people are not who they say they are online, so a background check will tell you all you need to know before you actually meet them in person.


With the growth in telemarketing and various phone scams, it is now more important than ever to find out who called you from an unknown number, and the best way to do that is by using reverse phone lookup tools.

While some services are completely free and others charge a monthly subscription, any company on this list can provide you with a reverse phone number lookup ability and also a variety of other people’s search options to choose from.

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