Best Seed Banks In The USA: Buy Weed Seeds Online In 2022

A fast Google search will pop up thousands of online seed banks. Many individuals think about growing their cannabis plants at home because they give home growers the seeds they need to develop different cannabis strains.

In this new and highly unregulated market, the quality of vendors varies widely. Some may offer you high-quality seeds, but others may distribute marijuana seeds that do not germinate well. That’s why not all of them are trustworthy.

To assist you in your search for reliable, premium seeds, we have created a list of the best seed banks. The seeds will be simple to order, and you can begin growing them right now!

Top 5 Seed Banks to Buy Marijuana Seeds

  1. Crop King Seeds: Overall Best Seed Bank On The Market
  2. Seedsman: Best Value Marijuana Seed Bank
  3. ILGM: Popular Pot Seeds to Buy from Seed Banks
  4. MSNL: High Quality Seeds for Sale
  5. Ministry Of Cannabis: Premium Weed Seed Bank

#1. Crop King Seeds: Overall Best Seed Bank On The Market


Crop King Seeds is one of the seed bank firms based in Vancouver, Canada, offering premium seeds to customers all over the world. Since its founding in 2005, nearly seventeen years ago, the company’s mission has been to provide all of its customers with high-quality seeds.

Since starting their initial retail partnership seven years ago, in 2012, Crop King Seeds has grown and expanded its business to the point where they now provide seeds to more than 100 different stores.

Many of the strains available from Crop King Seeds have received accolades and positive reviews. They provide some of the largest options of seeds for sale in addition to auto-flowering and feminized seeds, catering to both seasoned cannabis growers and brand-new newbies.

Crop King Seeds provides something for everyone, as seen by the fact that their incredible seeds are their main source of popularity. The fact that Crop King Seeds reportedly offers an 80% germination guarantee may be what’s most intriguing, which is higher than the majority of other cannabis seed banks in the market.


Seed quality

According to Crop King Seeds, the quality of a company’s products is one of its customers’ favorite qualities. To better serve their consumers, their seed banks are stocked to the brim with the best cannabis seed, marijuana seed, and other new strains.

The brand has a positive reputation among marijuana growers as a result. Due to their auto-flowering strains’ outstanding germination rates, even new growers with subpar growing practices can anticipate a strong harvest from their seeds.

Payment method

Canada is the home of Crop King Seeds, which has a sizable number of outlets there. They also take Canadian dollars for cash payments. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Moneygram, Bitcoin, and PayPal as additional payment options. If you reside in Canada, you can only pay using an electronic transfer or money order.

However, customers outside of Canada can pay using any of the approaches mentioned above. Additionally, after entering their country’s name on the checkout page, international customers can view their various payment options and choose the best one. Although the company’s prices vary depending on the type of seed, they are generally stable.


Customers give Crop King Seeds great marks, and the company has a solid reputation for providing the highest-quality seeds with 80% germination guarantees for your cannabis seeds or plants.

Although there were complaints that they were providing the wrong sort of seeds to their customers in the beginning, these objections were soon overpowered by the overwhelmingly favorable feedback from their customers. You can’t, however, count on them to be flawless all the time.

As previously mentioned, the business is committed to improving the entire process and the genetics of cannabis plants to give its consumers a high-quality experience. In addition to offering a guarantee, Crop King Seeds also offers 80% germination, which is said to be favorable for the growth of cannabis seeds or plants.

Crop King Seeds also provides customer care and chat help around the clock, which is more than what other cannabis seed banks on the market have offered. They have a fun website and informative blog postings to help you increase your understanding of cannabis and marijuana seed information.


  • Their customer service is competent and helpful
  • You can visit their Canadian stores and online presence
  • They are committed to using thorough genetic selection to improve the quality of their seeds


  • In comparison to other seed banks, their products are slightly more expensive

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Crop King Seeds

#2. Seedsman: Best Value Marijuana Seed Bank


Seedsman is one of the most visually appealing websites in the seed bank industry, which may reassure newbies. Additionally, it is simple to use and contains just the right amount of information to guide your choice without being too much.

Although everything is categorized, they also provide an alphabetical list of breeders for those who already know what they’re looking for. However, Seedsman is more than just a seed bank. They provide a ton of tools, such as grinders and papers, to aid in the growth process. If you feel especially strongly about their brand, you can even get a t-shirt.

Additionally, they make a lot of effort to keep clients. Every order comes with free seeds, and they even offer a loyalty program to encourage returning customers. However, all of this gives off a corporate vibe that some individuals might not like.

Additionally, according to theislandnow, it appears that they prioritize favorable ratings because it takes some digging to locate any critical comments about any of the strains. In addition, they do not offer a germination guarantee; thus, all purchases are risky. You should do your research before making any purchases because the germination rates appear to vary among strains.


Product’s quality

The Seedsman seed bank knows that no one wants bad seeds. So they always promise that you will receive your seeds without experiencing any difficulties. Because of this, most Seedsman customers say that germination went smoothly. The germination guarantee offered by Seedsman is not comprehensive.

However, they only do it because they want to abide by the laws of the country where they live. For instance, if you reside in a nation or state where marijuana usage is permitted, the business will assume responsibility for assisting you in resolving your germination difficulties within 90 days. Otherwise, they leave it up to you to solve the problem.

However, most Seedsman’s customer evaluations noted minimal to no germination problems. Additionally, they offer free seeds. As a result, you will be more likely to get good seeds than bad ones.

A wide variety of seeds

The wide variety of seeds offered by Seedsman is something else we appreciate. Unbelievably, they provide almost 4,400 different cannabis strains. They undoubtedly keep expanding their collection, as well. You can’t find a certain strain at other seed banks, right? So try Seedsman. They sell cannabis seeds from even the rarest strain.

In addition, finding seeds will be less of a challenge for experienced gardeners, experts, and even farmers for therapeutic purposes. You can manually search your seed or categorize it by the category into which it fell.

Website & customer service

You can visit Seedsman’s website (seedsman.com) anytime. There are no irrelevant pop-up adverts, which is a significant plus. Instead, the site is gorgeous to look at. Additionally, Seedsman is constantly improving both its website and customer support. In particular, the website has improved speed and security and is now available in 14 different languages.

The UI/UX navigation, product sorting, and filtering will all be improved by Seedsman soon. Uncertain about which cannabis seeds to buy? The seeds can be sorted according to factors including high-THC content, genotypes, kinds, production techniques, and more. Additionally, they offer knowledge-based articles that may assist you with any problems you may be having.

Before contacting their customer support service, you can use those knowledge-based articles as suitable reference materials to find the answers to your questions. You can locate a phone support number for each nation on their website if you need to get in touch with them. Alternatively, you can contact them by email.


  • There are numerous payment methods and promotions available
  • Wide range of strains
  • Guaranteed, discreet shipping


  • Shipping cost varies

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Seedsman

#3. ILGM: Popular Pot Seeds to Buy from Seed Banks


ILGM has claimed the second rank on our list for a variety of reasons. People who work with ILGM have been engaged in marijuana cultivation and seed sales for more than 25 years. They know a lot about the business of cannabis seeds.

The business was founded in 2012 when Robert Bergman, the creator, started selling cannabis seeds and assisting readers all over the world. But more importantly, they have excellent seed quality, and they even offer a germination guarantee. The company’s seed bank is diverse, and it does an excellent job of assisting you in finding the perfect strain for your growing needs and smoking tastes.

ILGM sells 100 different cannabis strains, but it divides them between feminized and auto-flowering seeds. Sativa, Indica, and hybrid are the next subcategories within these two, and you may further filter these by THC and CBD concentrations, climate, indoor or outdoor growing, beginner strains, etc.

The educational component of ILGM is a significant component in addition to all of these services. The active forum that was at the center of their former website is still very much alive and thriving, and their blog covers a wide range of topics relevant to growers of all levels of experience. They have also included new growing tips on various topics.



In 2012, ILGM was established as a marijuana blog. Robert Bergman started the site to provide a global forum for cannabis farmers to connect. They exchanged similar stories and talked about their experiences with marijuana cultivation and use. Bergman loved telling the growers on the site what he knew about cannabis.

His knowledge of cannabis developed along with the popularity of his website. Finally, Bergman decided to publish a growing manual for everyone to use. After that, he began to embrace the commercial aspect of life and began selling seeds online.

You may now purchase seeds and fertilizers in addition to learning about cannabis. This resulted in a thorough seed-buying process that ILGM still relies on today. Today, Bergman and his team assist hundreds in finding the ideal seeds and in starting the ideal growth.

ILGM payments and packaging

Customers can use many payment options offered by ILGM. Checks, Bitcoin, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards are all accepted by ILGM. A 10% discount is provided to customers who pay with Bitcoins.

Also, take note that the company ships to the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The USA and Europe both receive free shipping. Meanwhile, customers in Australia and New Zealand must spend $150 or more to get free shipping. Additionally, tracking your order will cost you $25.

If a customer’s order is late, ILGM will provide a replacement without charge. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about your orders being seized at customs or damaged in transit. Customers can place a new order if they haven’t received their package in the 25 days after their order.

This company discreetly packages its products and does not print identifying information on envelopes. One of its guiding principles is discretion. For many years, they have been a well-known supplier of marijuana seeds worldwide. The buying process is seamless and confidential because of the discrete packaging.

Mix packs

While ILGM promos offer fantastic value for the money with discounts of up to 50%, ILGM mix seed packs offer better flexibility and fantastic value for the money with discounts of between 20% and 50% off the original price.

You will receive an additional 10% discount if you pay using Bitcoin, as mentioned above. There are more than 30 different combinations to choose from, which is fantastic. Available in packets of 15 (3 x 5) or 30 (3 x 10) seeds, each mix pack has three different strains.


  • Numerous free growth guides
  • Guaranteed delivery and germination
  • Several methods of payment include cash, cheques, and Bitcoin
  • Big discounts on mix packs


  • No phone support

⇒ Visit the Official Website of ILGM

#4. MSNL: High Quality Seeds for Sale


MSNL is one of the most well-known names in online seed banks, with over two decades of experience. These years of expertise have aided MSNL in becoming one of the top suppliers of cannabis seeds.

Only seeds that are under four months old are distributed. Your seeds have a better chance of germination because they are fresh. Placing orders is simple with the help of the MSNL website. Their extensive FAQ section has all the answers you need if you run into any problems.

But if you can’t find the answers you need, you can send them a message, and their customer service team will help you. Your orders are sent to you by MSNL using covert shipping. They have numerous promotions and reward systems. Consequently, you can make some savings on each transaction.

Who doesn’t enjoy free things? With every purchase, MSNL provides complimentary seeds. With the MSNL rewards program, they also honor devoted consumers. You will accrue more points as you shop more. The best thing is that your accrued points never expire, allowing you to use your discount whenever you place another buy.


Payment methods

You have a variety of payment choices to select from. You might use your debit or credit cards, for instance. Even bitcoins are accepted as a form of payment. Credit and debit cards are simple to use, but you never write anything in reference while paying with a credit card. Cash and international money transfers are both accepted forms of payment.

Strain selection

They provide ordinary seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds in their remarkable product line. Therefore, it is much simpler to discover seeds that you are comfortable with.

At MSNL, a focus is placed on customer satisfaction. When a customer buys through MSNL, they may always get the most well-liked seeds on the market because they offer more than 200 distinct strains of their own preferred seeds. As a result, MSNL collaborates with various seed suppliers to guarantee that they can satisfy the needs of their clients.

Customers can choose from various strains at MSNL, but they can also choose from a wide variety of seeds. The MSNL collaborates with a wide range of suppliers and farmers to offer their extraordinarily vast selection of seeds.

They can offer one of the best strain options in the entire UK because they stock items from all of these significant and well-known growers. The Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, and Sour Grape Kush strains are among the most well-known varieties listed on the MSNL website.

Customer service

One of the key objectives of the MSNL is to ensure that its customers are completely happy with the level of service that the firm can provide. They aim to offer the greatest customer service they can as part of this objective.

It appears likely that the business has been successful in achieving this objective. MSNL not only receives overwhelmingly positive feedback about their standard of customer service from past clients, but they also make every effort to make the entire purchasing process as simple and painless as possible for their clients.

The MSNL Seed Bank, unlike some other businesses, also provides a lot of extremely helpful and simple-to-understand FAQs in their specialized FAQ section. Customers of the business don’t even need to contact MSNL support; instead, they can visit the help page right away for assistance and guidance.

For consumers who do still need to get in touch with the organization, clients may utilize either the online form—which they aim to reply to issues and inquiries within 24 hours—or one of the local/international phone numbers.


  • Huge selection
  • High-quality seeds
  • Every order comes with at least 5 free seeds
  • Quick delivery to the UK and Europe
  • Specialized graphic to highlight each strain’s features


  • No germination guarantee

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MSNL

#5. Ministry of Cannabis: Premium Weed Seed Bank


Spanish seed company, Ministry of Cannabis, is based in Barcelona and is known for its beautiful weather. Spain’s environment is ideal for cultivating a range of high-quality cannabis strains, and its beaches and easygoing way of life make it a great place to consume the completed products. It makes sense that a renowned seed bank would choose Barcelona as its headquarters.

Even though it doesn’t provide as many promotions as other seed banks, its high dependability has helped them attract many satisfied consumers. Because of its distinctive feature—rotating seed stocks—this seed bank frequently pulls in many clients.

The Ministry of Cannabis is among the most reliable seed banks because they ensure their seeds are always fresh. After all, receiving subpar seeds is the very last thing anyone wants. Their above-average customer support is another trait that aids them in winning “best reliability.”

Even though we’d prefer to see more promotions offered like many of its rivals, the Ministry of Cannabis is still a good option overall. Probably because they have a fresh supply of seeds, and they believe they do not need to provide a germination guarantee, unlike many other seed banks.


Safe products

The business is a reputable, global business with outstanding customer feedback for both its goods and services. All items are thoroughly evaluated and tested to ensure that they meet or surpass the highest standards in cannabis seeds.

To make it simple for you to trace the progress of your order, every package is shipped via courier service or registered mail and comes with a tracking number. When you place an order, they promise to ship your seeds within 24 hours; however, depending on where you live or where you ordered from, the time it takes for you to receive them may be rather different.

Although the company ships internationally, it is the consumer or business’s responsibility to ensure that no national or regulatory laws are broken. The duration could also be affected by delays in shipments in your local or regional area.

Due to this, you should always confirm with your postal service and other factors that can affect the delivery time of your order. The company’s website and customer service representatives can give you a general sense of when to expect your shipment.

Variety of seed strains

You have many seed strains to pick from, including the most well-liked Indica, White Widow, Northern Lights, and Mandarin Haze varieties. Various variations of these strains include feminization and auto-flowering possibilities, as well as numerous other seed strains and combinations to choose from.

The company offers feminized variants of these seeds and enhancements for better cultivation results while still working to conserve classic strains. Germination assurance is one of their main characteristics, and they are constantly working to improve the product.

Quality of marijuana seeds

The Ministry of Cannabis’s determination to maintain a good stock of premium cannabis seeds and keep all the traditional marijuana strains alive is the clearest indication to everyone that it wants to protect quality. They even put much effort into strain development and breeding for the marijuana industry. The online reviews reveal that buyers are genuinely pleased with the caliber of their strains.

They have worked with some of the best seed banks and breeders in the world, so they understand what they are doing. This Spain-based company produces edibles like weed cookies, CBD chocolate, and many other things with your favorite strains and products.


  • Solid variety
  • Fresh seed supply
  • Reliable customer support


  • Few promos

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Ministry of Cannabis

How We Made This List of Marijuana Seeds for Sale?

Consider shipping

We found that purchases taking weeks to arrive and delayed shipping times were the main causes of complaints about ordering cannabis seeds online. The best growers are located in North America, but the majority of trustworthy online seed banks are located in Europe.

Although it may seem obvious, we have chosen companies from around the world so that you guys may obtain quick shipment in your country.

Discreet payment method

Nowadays, using a credit card to make an online purchase is safe. Many stores allow customers to pay using credit cards or an external payment processor to buy marijuana seeds. Credit card purchases for seeds have many advantages. For instance, payment processors may delete your data after transactions, and seed banks will accept payments without credit card information.

Additionally, a lot of trustworthy seed banks, like the ones on our list, will make sure that the transaction is not associated with any linked descriptions. Even if you’re still not sure about using a credit card, you can use other payment methods on all of the sites on this list. These choices include cash payments, Bitcoins, and bank transfers.

Option for small and medium orders

Larger orders are more likely to attract unwanted attention. By doing this, you run the danger of having your order seized and losing your goods. It’s crucial to choose a provider that lets you place medium- and small-sized orders if you want to purchase a lot of marijuana seeds. Because of this, we only selected brands that allow for simple placement of small and medium orders rather than a single large order.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Dispensaries that Sell Seeds


You must make sure that the seed is of the best grade if you want to produce a cannabis flower that is of the highest caliber. Therefore, before purchasing seeds from a seed bank, you should consider its reputation. Seek to understand why they are giving their marijuana seeds. Then look into the process they use to make those cannabis seeds for their clients.

Naturally, it’s always better to select cannabis seed banks that emphasize organic methods, but it’s also important to look for seed banks that value comprehensive testing and in-depth inspection.

Look at reviews left by previous clients of the seed bank, and don’t be hesitant to explore seed bank Reddit forums and other online communities where people discuss their experiences with various marijuana seed banks.

Germination rates

The germination rates of the seed banks should be the next thing you examine. The term “germination” simply refers to how soon a seed can take root in the ground and develop into a harvestable flowering plant.

You run the risk of purchasing a large number of defective cannabis seeds if you purchase marijuana seeds without first checking the germination rate. They never yield any kind of harvest. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the germination rate of a seed bank. For instance, high-quality seeds should germinate at least 80% of the time.

Remember that the customer plays a role in the germination rate. As a result, if you purchase seeds and don’t properly keep them in a cold, dark location, their likelihood of germination may decrease. Reputable seed banks that are open about their germination rate are best to use. You’ve struck gold if you discover a cannabis seed bank that provides a germination guarantee.


For some farmers, the gender of the cannabis seeds—male or female—is a key factor. Consider purchasing female seeds if you want the seeds that produce the best and largest buds. Choose the feminized seeds instead of trying to recognize everything with your eyes all the time.

The male gender would be excellent for individuals who need to obtain additional seeds. Even though it might not produce the largest buds, it will produce enough seeds to maintain the lineage.


Some seed banks do not produce their own seeds. Some have unique agreements with breeders to continue having the highest genetics in cannabis seeds. For you to learn more about the genetic makeup of the seeds before purchasing, the seed banks would proudly list the breeders and their breeding techniques. Purchasing seeds with the highest caliber of genetics would be nice.

Stealth shipping

However, many of the best seed banks online offer what is known as stealth shipping if you are having seeds transported from a foreign country to the US and are concerned about the chance of interception.

The cannabis seeds are merely concealed inside other items, like DVD cases, before sending in this incredibly covert shipping method. This can lessen the likelihood that your package will be marked as suspicious.

While we’re talking about shipping, avoid asking for any deliveries that require a signature or expedited shipping. Why? You don’t want to sign for a cannabis seeds delivery or purposefully call attention to the item, after all. Additionally, placing several smaller orders from several merchants in large quantities will spread your risk.

Compare the costs

Although you can pay more money for a special edition, high-quality cannabis seeds from reputable companies typically cost around $10 per seed. Make sure to study the grow reports and find out how long the seed bank has been in business before ordering your seeds.

Always take into account purchasing your seeds from a business with a lengthy history of innovation, dependability, and brilliance. Also, keep in mind that pricey seeds don’t necessarily indicate high quality. So, be sure to make intelligent financial decisions if you don’t want to waste months growing subpar marijuana with no guarantee of success.

Evaluate the resourcefulness of vendors

Having multiple vendors on hand can be beneficial. With this, you will have a wealth of resources at your disposal to assist you in choosing the ideal strain, selecting the appropriate growing technique, harvesting, and taking care of the crops.

It would also be helpful if you could check the vendor’s website to see if it is filled with valuable information and offers helpful customer service. Your purchasing experience will be easy thanks to responsive customer service and a wealth of tools, including packaging, delivery, and returns.

Types of Weed Seeds


Regular seeds can grow in either male or female plants when they are germinating, a feature that is only realized once flowering has started. Since growers typically favor unfertilized plants and have the option to remove male plants after the flowering stage starts, growing ordinary seeds may seem difficult. This procedure guarantees that the buds are seed-free and increases THC potency.


Through a scientific procedure, female plants are compelled to create pollen sacs in feminized seeds. Sensimilla is guaranteed, and their sister plants are pollinated by this procedure. It is a highly concentrated kind of cannabis that has no seeds and is only produced by the female plant, leaving the male plants unfertilized and preventing them from generating seeds.

Sativa seeds

They develop into big plants with enormous shoots, prickly leaves, and long, thin branches. Africa, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America, as well as other subtropical and tropical climates, are the native home of Sativa.

Plants typically have cycles that last 10 weeks or longer. Large foreign species are rot and disease-resistant. They can get as long as 15 feet! Depending on the strain, this variety makes a great first plant but can potentially become highly complex.

Indica seeds

Small plants with plump leaves and thick, coarse, brown stems will be produced by this type. Indica comes from places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Morocco, which are all temperate. Cannabis is usually made from marijuana, which is a highly wet, thin, and thick plant. Indica is a shrub-like plant that can thrive in confined locations and give high crops.

The flowering cycle of these plants is quick. Low humidity may be necessary for Indica plants to prevent mold issues. Both THC and CBD are abundant. Cannabis Indica is preferred by those looking for a relaxing “body high.”

Hybrid seeds

There are many different ways to combine Indica and Sativa strains, as well as hybrids that combine the two. Long hourglasses with dense, moist Indica buds can be grown from hybrid hemp seeds.

The most popular type of cannabis seed available now is a hybrid strain. They are available in a range of plant sizes, blooming seasons, goods, flavors, and smells made with cannabis, as well as distinct effects.

Autoflowering seeds

A flowering plant variety that grows on its own is this one. Both regular and feminized seeds are available. Since the Rudralis genus is used to make the self-flowering stem, the seeds bloom in any light, even direct sunlight, 24 hours a day.

The automatic branch stays short and has a short life cycle. Some plants wilt or die after 60 days. Utilizing techniques like SOG or SCROG cultivation, self-flowering plants can be developed. These plants are excellent if you do not intend to use a grow light with a timer.

FAQs About Buying Weed Seed

Q1. Is it safe to buy seeds online?

Yes, this is something that hundreds of individuals do daily. Cannabis seeds are not regarded as illegal in the majority of counties and states. The majority of trustworthy seed banks provide a delivery guarantee.

You will likely only receive a letter if your seeds are seized at customs. Please be aware, nevertheless, that this is not legal counsel.

Q2. Can I purchase marijuana seeds in other states or nations?

Yes. As long as cannabis cultivation is legal in your state, you may place an order from any location. However, there can be some limitations, so make sure to first review your state’s marijuana regulations.

Q3. What exactly is stealth shipping?

When a box is disguised as a different item from the one you are purchasing, this is known as stealth shipping. Examples include marijuana seeds that are packaged to resemble DVDs or torches.

Q4. How long will it take to receive my orders?

Your location and the region of the seed bank from which you ordered determine this. You will receive your seeds in a few days when local seed banks dispatch them as soon as they receive your orders. If you order your seeds from abroad, it can take longer.

Concluding on The Best Seed Bank to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Seed banks that ship to the United States offer a wide range of marijuana seed strains to growers in the United States. These strains may aid in the improvement of growers’ abilities and skills as well as their understanding of the various strains’ appropriate growing methods.

Before making a purchase, research the many features, pros, and cons offered by the several seed banks. For this reason, we have given all relevant information to assist you in making an informed choice. ILGM was by far the seed bank that caught our attention the most. However, the other seed banks mentioned above also met or exceeded our expectations.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.