Best Bad Credit Loans In 2022: Top Loan Companies For Urgent Loans For Bad Credit

Bad credit loans have been around for some time now, and lately, more and more people have been using them to resolve some of their financial difficulties.

Considering that many popular platforms have emerged, each offering access to lenders providing bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals, we had to look into the matter ourselves and do some research.

Believe it or not, the chances of receiving a bad credit loan are pretty high, and the services we chose to review offer top-notch, trustworthy lenders! To find out more, read our article carefully and with attention!

Top 5 Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Platform Offering Loans For Bad Credit
  2. Bad Credit Loans – Get Bad Credit Loans From Top Loan Places
  3. RadCred – Online Lenders For Emergency Loans For Bad Credit
  4. CashUSA – Exclusive Financial Institution For Fast Loans & Quick Cash
  5. Personal Loans: Reputed Loan Providers Of Personal Loans For Bad Credit

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Platform Offering Loans For Bad Credit


Outline of the brand

MoneyMutual is perhaps the best bad credit loans platform because it offers you connectivity with many lenders and quick finances in a short period.

Being a mediary between lenders and borrowers, the platform’s services are free of charge. MoneyMutual makes income by dealing with lenders and getting a percentage cut of the deals that its customers make with them.

The platform was founded in 2010 with the idea to help people in need of quick finances and connect them easily with lenders that would be able to solve their problems. It offers customers the chance to receive quick funds conveniently, without the need to go from lender to lender.

Because many Americans would not be able to come up with $400 in an emergency, MoneyMutual feels the responsibility to help them make ends meet at that point in their lives. That is why it has so many grateful and loyal customers all across the US today.

MoneyMutual is recommended as the best bad credit loan provider by theislandnow.


MoneyMutual features a straightforward application process that only takes a few minutes to complete. The online application form is available to you on their webpage, and it requires basic information about you to apply for a bad credit loan.

The platform requires that your monthly income is higher than $800, and it also requires your address, age, and other personal information. Once it has all the info, it sends your application to lenders all over the US.

Before agreeing to any loan, MoneyMutual offers several loan guides on their website. Through them, you will better understand the different types of loans the lenders offer and a detailed explanation of the requirements needed to apply.

The educational section will make you well aware of bad credit loan risks. It will explain and try to make you understand that this is a serious matter that is not considered a long-term solution. Bad credit loans are only good for resolving short-term financial problems.

The website also has an encrypted algorithm, with the application process being safe and secure. It features an AES-256 bit encryption, which many high-end banks and financial institutions also use.

Customer reviews

With over two million customers served, we can genuinely say that money mutual is very well thought of among bad credit loan users. Many of them love that the platform is free of charge and can connect them with so many lenders quickly and efficiently.

Another significant deal-breaker that makes customers love MoneyMutual is that they receive the funds very swiftly. They could resolve their financial problems in no time because of the platform’s great deliverance, so they trust it entirely.

Many customers would recommend MoneyMutual to their friends and family, making the platform’s circle of clients expand daily.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Money Mutual


  • Bad credit loans reach amounts of up to $5000
  • Over two million satisfied customers
  • Lenders decide fast
  • Funds are received quickly, within 24 hours
  • Simple application process
  • Straightforward website
  • The platform’s service is free of charge
  • The platform works with over 80 lenders
  • Safe and secure website and application process
  • An educational section is also available on the website


  • Only available in the US
  • Not available in all states
  • After signing the loan agreement, MoneyMutual is no longer responsible

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Get Bad Credit Loans From Top Loan Places


Outline of the brand

Bad Credit Loans is the fourth lending platform we decided to include in our list of providers for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. With it, you will connect with many lenders that provide all kinds of loan types.

Consequently, if you wish to settle a credit card debt, medical bills, mortgage or rent, or even simpler things such as an auto repair, then Bad Credit Loans is a great option.

The lending amounts offered by lenders in this platform’s network range from $500-$10.000. People with any credit score may apply, but that does not mean they will undoubtedly receive a loan, as that depends specifically on the lenders. The borrowers must also be older than 18 and have a regular weekly or monthly income.


Bad Credit Loans features the option that gives you the chance to review and compare several lending offers. After applying for a loan, you will probably receive several lending offers from different lenders in the platform’s network. The service compiles these offers together and sends them to you so that you can review and compare them easily.

The lending middleman also offers you access to several different loan options, depending on your specific needs. You will be able to choose between personal loans, payday loans, long-term installment loans, auto loans, etc.

The platform also offers access to lenders providing business loans, so if you have troubles with your small business, you may be able to resolve them using this platform.

Offering connection to tribal lenders is another feature of Bad Credit loans. Tribal lenders may offer more significant loan amounts, but since they do not fall under state regulations, their APRs may vary and be significantly higher, so be careful.

Bad Credit Loans works with lenders that offer higher loan repayment times, which may extend up to 36 months. So depending on the lender and the loan amount, you will be able to choose a more flexible repayment plan with this platform.

Customer reviews

The amount of information we gathered from customer reviews and experiences for this platform is quite positive. According to them, Bad Credit Loans is a trustworthy middleman, offering access to honest and dependable lenders.

Users have also stated that you do not need any credit score to apply for a credit, which gives a chance for those with bad credit scores to apply for and receive a loan.

Some users did not like that the platform had asked them for too much personal information during the application process. Besides that, we could not find any other negative remarks concerning the platform and its services.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Bad Credit Loans


  • Offers loans of up to $10.000
  • 100% free service
  • An extended network of lenders
  • Three-step application process
  • A very private and secure service
  • Excellent customer service
  • High transparency levels
  • Straightforward and user-friendly website
  • Fast approval


  • Bad credit borrowers can only borrow up to $1000
  • If you have a credit score below $500, you will not be eligible to apply

#3. RadCred: Online Lenders For Emergency Loans For Bad Credit


Outline of the brand

RadCred is an online lending intermediary that connects potential borrowers with local lenders quickly and efficiently. Its services are free of charge and easy to access. You need to apply through their official website, and you are good to go.

The platform’s services are highly secured and encrypted using industry-standard encryption. Your files won’t be going anywhere, and RadCred’s service team will ask you for permission to use your personal information for marketing strategies.

This trustworthy platform offers connection to local lenders very quickly and gets you access to funds almost the same day that you apply. So instead of going to lenders individually, by using RadCred, you will get the best bad credit loan deal from the comfort of your own home.


A great thing about RadCred is that it does not require a minimum credit score for you to apply for a loan. The only requirements needed to submit an application are over the legal age of 18 and having a constant weekly or monthly income.

It also emphasizes that it does not require the borrowers to be employed and work a specific type of job. The only thing you need to prove is that you can pay out the loan regularly on a given date, regardless of your job.

The platform is available to everyone who is a citizen of the US, which means you must either be a permanent resident or possess a green card to apply for a loan.

As far as the amount of money that you will be able to borrow, RadCred is very versatile and offers $1.000 to $35.000 loan amounts. Because of the larger amounts, the platform also offers flexible payback periods, extending from three to seventy-two months. This means you can adjust your payments to your liking, depending on the amount you have to pay back monthly or the date on which to do so.

Customer reviews

RadCred is a platform with few customer reviews on its official website. That is why we went on and researched the entire web for other reviews of this lending mediary, and the results were quite positive.

Users have given this lending mediary a 4 out of 5 stars in many reviews we encountered. They were able to receive the funds rather swiftly after applying. The platform’s customer service is praised for its dedication to the borrowers. One customer could even receive the amount she requested after directly connecting to a lender via a telephone link.

Based on the positive reviews, RadCred is a reliable and trustworthy platform that does not disturb its customers with junk emails all the time.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred


  • A highly secure and encrypted website with 2048-Bit encryption
  • Member of the OLA(Online Member Alliance)
  • Trusted site
  • Quick response from lenders
  • Trusted by millions of users
  • Quick access to funds only within 24 hours
  • TRUSTe verified
  • No paperwork is required; everything is in an online form
  • Available worldwide


  • Not a direct lender
  • The platform does not guarantee acceptance on all applications

#4. CashUSA: Exclusive Financial Institution For Fast Loans & Quick Cas


Outline of the brand

CashUSA is the last platform we decided to include in our list. It is one of the uncommon platforms to offer bad credit score loans to its applicants.

The platform connects you with borrowers that offer loans of up to $10.000, depending on your ability to repay the debt regularly. You need to follow the four steps provided on their website, and you are good to go.

CashUSA has helped countless people resolve their financial problems through honesty and transparency. Their motto is speed, and they want to deliver you the financial solution as quickly as possible, without any inconvenience.

Putting together all the features, which we will share with you below, makes CashUSA one of the best platforms through which you can connect with many lenders.


CashUSA features a fast application and processing to ensure quick and efficient approval and fund delivery to its clients. All of the information you provide in the online application is checked and confirmed right away and is then sent to lenders as quickly as possible for approval.

Finding and matching compatible lenders within the CashUSA network is almost always done on the same day that you applied. Several lenders will start sending you offers, which you can then compare and decide upon very easily.

The platform also works to keep your best interests in hand with fast cash transfers. The lenders it works with are highly reputable and well-financed, so they will provide funds to you when approved almost instantly.

CashUSA’s network features lenders with many options for the type of loan, APR, and loan duration. Depending on the loan type, the APR may vary between 5.99% and 35.99%, and the repayment time may be between three to seventy-two months.

Such versatility, offering so many options and preferences, allows you to control the loan amount and the repayment time as you see fit.

Customer reviews

Users of the CashUSA services were generally delighted by the platform’s quick response and delivery. They absolutely have their faith in the lending middleman and the lenders it works with. After reviewing many customer opinions and experiences with this platform, these were the impressions we gained.

Customers were satisfied with the delivery of funds and said that the process was completed quickly and without any hassle. The platform’s customer service and fast response quickly resolved any problems some customers had during the process.

Many of the positive reviews that this platform received was one of the factors that we decided to include it on our list. We could not set aside such a great platform, positively praised by users.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • Very secure and risk-free platform
  • Education center with educational content on several important topics
  • Quick and easy application in a couple of minutes
  • Versatile loan durations
  • Cash is electronically deposited
  • Loans reach amounts up to $10.000
  • Free service
  • Has a network of many honest and reliable lenders.
  • Easy to use website


  • Not a direct lender
  • Your monthly income must be above $1000 to apply
  • Some unnecessary personal information may be required during the application

#5. Personal Loans: Reputed Loan Providers Of Personal Loans For Bad Credit


Outline of the brand

The PersonalLoans company is a platform that connects people with lenders straightforwardly and simply. Its primary focus is personal loans for people with bad credit, but it also offers other loan variants.

Depending on the amount of money you have as income, you can borrow from $200 to $5000. Other factors are also included, such as your credit score, and people with very bad scores should also have a great chance of borrowing a loan through this provider.

Receiving funds through PersonalLoans lenders is very fast and efficient. By filling out the form in only 10 minutes, your application is instantly sent to lenders. You will be contacted within the next 24 hours and receive loan offers if eligible.

So is PersonalLoans what we claim it to be? Well, by our research, it is, and below we will share some of its main features by which this platform stands out. After all, we place it on our list because we consider it a trustworthy platform.


PersonalLoans offers a convenient and simple way to get a bad credit loan. The platform is free of charge and offers a connection to many flexible lenders.

You gain full insight into the platform’s capabilities through the user-friendly website, which you can access from almost anywhere with an internet connection. You need a laptop or a smartphone, and you’re all set.

The platform features a free-of-charge service and has no hidden scamming intent. It is completely trustworthy and transparent, and you do not need additional guidance from an expert to apply for and receive a loan.

All the information you submit is carefully protected and safeguarded against any kind of trespassing from hackers. You don’t have to worry about anything misused or misplaced while using the platform.

PersonalLoans is also a great platform because it stresses its dedication to providing excellent personal loans. Its motto is to provide customers with funds to consolidate debt with high interest or make a big purchase.

Customer reviews

There is not a lot of information online about users’ experiences with this platform. However, the ones we could dig up were quite positive, which kept us interested in this bad credit loan platform.

People choose PersonalLoans because it is a platform that offers connections to lenders with larger loan amounts. The loan payback terms are also a trait that customers love about this platform. These and other important advantages make this platform a preferable choice among many people with short-term financial problems.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PersonalLoans


  • Fast approvals
  • Flexible platform offering a great deal on personal loans
  • High chances of getting a loan if you have a bad credit score
  • Free of charge
  • You can request finances up to $5000
  • You can access their platform from any internet-connected device
  • Transparent platform
  • Safe and secure application process
  • Great customer support


  • You need to have a constant and stable income source
  • You have to be a resident of the US to be eligible for a loan

How We Chose These Online Lenders With Loans For Bad Credit

Even though many lenders claim to provide loans to people with bad credit scores, there are rarely those that do. It is also tough to choose a lender on your own when there are so many scamming firms that you would not know where to begin.

These problems people were facing imposed the need for us to research and find out which lenders and lending platforms offered the best credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

Of course, we had to consider several things before making our choice, and the more we researched, the more refined our criteria got. So these are the several things that we paid special attention to when looking for these platforms.

  • We reviewed the opinions of users

As you already saw from each review of the platforms, we included customer reviews as well. That indicates that we paid special attention to people’s opinions of these bad credit loan providers, indicating how well and whether or not they can be trusted.

Each service has excellent customer reviews, all falling into the positive category. People’s opinions matter and they give a company the credibility and reputability it has and represents.

An even better thing would be for you to go through customer reviews before deciding which platform to choose and apply to. You will be more easily encouraged to apply for and receive a bad credit loan.

  • The loan amounts

An important thing for many borrowers is how much money they can be allowed to borrow in situations when they have a bad credit score. Many lenders and lending platforms provide all kinds of lending amounts to users, but not all live up to the expectations.

When choosing these inadequate credit loan services, we included the one that offers the most flexible loan amounts to help you solve your problems. With amounts ranging from $500 to $35.000, you will find just what you are looking for in these five platforms alone.

Note that you might not be eligible to receive the highest possible loan amount. That will largely depend on your ability to repay the loan on time and have a solid financial background and regular income.

  • The authorization time

The time it takes for a bad credit loan application to be approved is crucial for many people, so we had to consider it strongly. This is especially important if you are in a tight spot and need to have your financial problems resolved as quickly as possible.

We chose services and lenders that provide you with quick funds, usually instantly after approval or within the next 24 hours. There is no need to worry about waiting for days for your application to be reviewed and approved since everything is done swiftly and effectively.

  • The safety and security of your private information

When using financial services such as loans, it is normal for lenders or lender mediaries to ask you for personal information. The tricky thing is that you can’t always be sure that these services or firms will keep that information private, especially if they are scammers.

We invested quite a lot of time into researching these five platforms. We have concluded that they are very stable and trustworthy in keeping your information private by combining all the information we gained.

Whatever reason they might have to share that information must be justified through the user, asking for consent first. This means that before they use any personal information for advertisement, they must first ask for your permission to do so.

Things to Consider Before Deciding to Borrow a Bad Credit Loan

Acquiring finances through a bad credit loan is not a straightforward decision. You need to consider several factors and not rush right into it, as we might say. So contemplate the following things before you decide anything.

  • Check whether you are eligible to apply for a bad credit loan

As far as eligibility is concerned, there are several things worth mentioning.

For most lenders, the most common credit score that is set as a minimum requirement is 620, according to FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation). However, some go way below this threshold and even as low as 500.

Something else the lenders also consider is the debt-to-income proportion. They measure how much money you owe and have to repay vs. the amount of money you earn each month. If the numbers are acceptable to the lender and you have a constant monthly income, then the bad credit loan should be approved easily.

Some lenders also consider factors such as the firm you are employed in and whether or not you have the habit of changing jobs frequently.

If you don’t meet the bad credit score criteria, there might be lenders that would approve a loan if you have a co-signer. The co-signer shares the debt responsibilities with you and pays them back in a case when you are not able to. That is a type of guarantee that the lender acquires in case of late or no payments.

  • Consider the borrowing rates

The borrowing rates, or interest rates as it is commonly known, are an essential component you need to consider.

Bad credit score loans differ from good credit score loans mainly in the interest rates. If you have a good credit score, the interest rates will usually be much lower.

So having a bad credit score means that you will have to pay higher interest to the lender, and that interest cannot be lowered throughout the entire loan duration. The only way to lower it is to pay the entire loan early, but that would still be a minor and barely noticeable decrease.

However, make sure that you choose the lender with the lowest interest rates when you decide to borrow money through a bad credit loan.

  • Have in mind the charges and the penalties for untimely payments

If you decide to borrow money with a bad credit loan, you need to be aware of the penalties that come with missed and untimely payments. Many people who have used these types of loans have been through this process of paying penalties, and they are mainly imposed because of late loan repayments.

There might also be charges on processed loans and the funds withdrawn through an ATM. Lenders that are reputable and transparent will share this information with you to be aware of it; however, if you notice that such information is missing from the loan contract, make sure to ask for it from the lender and not be scammed.

The loan contract must also contain any penalty percentages that you have to pay weekly or monthly if you do not repay the agreed amount on time. This will give you an idea of how large the fees will be and plan for the worst-case scenario.

  • Read the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully

You should practice reading the terms and conditions in every deal that you come across before you sign. Many of us just skim through that content and simply check the box when applying online, but reading and understanding this part, especially in financial matters, is even more critical.

Depending on their workflow and interest rates, every lender will have different terms and conditions agreements. Whatever the case, the terms and conditions agreement must be valid, and it has to contain all the information about the lender and the amount of money you have to repay.

If any of the information from the lender is not the same as the terms and conditions, then there is a possibility of a scam, so be careful.

FAQs Regarding Installment Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. Will I be able to apply for a bad credit loan if I am unemployed?

Yes, lenders will even provide you with a loan if you are unemployed. They actually look at your ability to repay the loan installments on time, no matter the income source.

You can have a steady monthly income from a pension, alimony, rent, etc., and still be viable to receive a bad credit loan.

If you are a recipient of income from student aid, annuity, or child support, you will still be able to receive a loan of this type.

Q2. How can I improve my credit score?

Improving your credit score means borrowing more and repaying every credit installment on time. People who have never borrowed any money will have a bad credit score. People who do not pay their debt on time will also have a bad credit score.

Paying your debt on time and constantly will make lenders trust you more so that next time you need credit, they will offer you more significant amounts with lower interest rates.

A great way to avoid worsening your credit score if you find yourself without the required funds is to ask your lender to extend the loan repayment date. That way, you won’t damage your overall financial record, not just your credit score.

Q3. How are the interest rates determined?

Every lender determines the rates of interest individually. They are most frequently dependable on the levels of risk that the borrower may possess when repaying the debt.

When determining how high the interest is going to be, the lender also considers the service’s cost. Besides, the higher the risk and the service are, the higher the loan’s overall interest is going to be.

Q4. Are there any alternatives to bad credit loans?

Honestly, there aren’t any significant alternatives to bad credit loans. Banks and other financial institutions are, in most cases, hesitant to offer a loan if you have a bad credit score.

An alternative would be to ask your relatives or friends for money or lowering any unnecessary expenses. You can also ask your employer for some money upfront, but none of these options are guaranteed. You might even worsen your relationship with your close ones because of financial matters.

Q5. What is an APR (Annual Percentage Rate)?

An APR is the yearly interest rate imposed on the amount of money you borrow from a lender. The APR is usually expressed as a rate of interest.

Besides the regular interest rate, it is additional interest and can be 0.1% to 0.5% larger than the regular interest.

Usually, the longer it takes for you to repay the loan, the higher the APR will be. So make sure to minimize the APR as much as possible before signing the deal on the bad credit loan.

Q6. What is a secured loan, and what is an unsecured loan?

Depending on the loan and the lender, there might be secured or unsecured loans. Usually, bad credit loans tend to be unsecured, but there are exceptions to the rule.

With a secured loan, the lender offers a larger amount of money, with the guarantee that if that money is not paid back, they will repossess something that you have placed as collateral in the deal. That can be either your home, vehicle, or other valuable assets.

On the other hand, unsecured loans are those in which lenders do not require any collateral to be added to the mix. They have much higher interest rates because of that, and these loans may include personal loans, student loans, or credit cards.

Q7. If I already have a bad credit loan, can I get another one?

That would depend on several factors, like your creditworthiness, payment history, increase or decrease in your income, etc.

If the lender assesses that all of the factors are in order and you are eligible for another bad credit loan, then yes, there is a high chance that you will be able to get one.

Q8. Can I repay the loan early?

Yes, lenders allow you to pay the debt off early in almost all cases. Depending on the lender, there might be some small fee for early repayment, or there might be no fee.

If your financial situation improves, you can choose to pay your debt at once or by overpaying the installment amounts each month. The latter will reduce the time it takes for you to repay the debt, and you will pay the debt off faster.

Q9. What is the range of the overall credit score?

The credit score may range from 300 to 900 as set by FICO. Basically, the higher the score is, the lower the risk to the lenders is going to be. Below we will list some credit scores as examples:

  • Below 580 – Poor credit score
  • 580 to 669 – Fair credit score
  • 670 to 739 – Good credit score
  • 740 to 799 – Very good credit score
  • Above 800 – Exceptional credit score

Concluding On The Best Loan Lenders For Bad Credit Loans

No matter how great life can be, you never know when a situation may arise when you might need a hand concerning some financial matter. When such a situation occurs, a service like the ones we reviewed could just be the thing you need.

Offering a vast network of lenders, these platforms will provide a solution, especially if you look for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. And the chances of a guaranteed approval are incredibly high, which was confirmed by so many satisfied customers online.

Finding the appropriate platform in a problematic situation can be challenging, and the chances of making a rash decision in those circumstances are significantly higher. We carried out the research for you, making it convenient and quick for you to resolve your financial problems.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.