Out of My Mind 23

Dialing back the rhetoric

The shootings in Arizona were a tragedy that shouldn’t havehappened. No one who is elected to public office should be in fear of beingkilled for serving his or her constituents. And no one that goes to see theirelected official should have to fear being killed by gunfire. With the killingof innocent bystanders and the serious wounding of U.S. RepresentativeGabrielle Giffords some of our public servants might think twice before meetingwith the electorate and that too would be a tragedy.

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Time to re-examine the Department of Ecology

One of my liberal critics has been obsessing over the last few weeks for me to “come clean and recognize that the climate change scientists involved in the climategate scandal have been cleared.” Sorry, ain’t going to happen. I read with interest many of the press releases and “news” stories about the decision of various commissions and panels who have examined the facts and decided none of the scientists involved did anything wrong.

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Out of My Mind 22

2010, the year that was

Each year as we look back at some of the top headlines thatmade up the front pages of this newspaper we see a diverse number of topicsover the year and 2010 was no exception.

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Labor Statistics

A few inconvenient truths for my liberal critics

None of my columns has stirred quite as much reaction as my recent comments regarding our “overpaid state employees” and their “growing and unsustainable wages and benefits.” Of course most of the respondents were unwilling to “go on the record” with their comments. They simply wanted to let me know that my opinion was not based on fact and that it was just another example of the useless ramblings of a greedy and selfish business owner.

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Out of My Mind 21

Time to welcome innew decade with new year

The end of 2010 marks the end of the first decade of the21st Century – with the dawning of 2011 it’s time to welcome in a new decadealong with the new year.

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Reader complains about my BS (Bumper Sticker) editorial

A reader took me to task this week for “hitting a new low” by describing a WS – Window Sticker as BS – Bumper Sticker. Apparently, the writer is so sensitive that he fails to appreciate the humor. He concluded his 550 word response with the following; “Hereby cancel my subscription to the Echo” and You do not have my permission to use any of this in your newspaper. This is between you and me.” Too bad, he actually had a few valid points.

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Out of My Mind 20

Don’t forget the food banks this holiday season

The local food banks are always in need of donations andperhaps this time of year is the most important as families prepare for theholiday season this winter.

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One man’s Death Panel is another’s Cost Efficiency Panel

Much ridicule has been hurled at Sarah Palin and others who predicted that Obamacare would bring “death panels” which would decide to withhold medical care from the old in favor of supposedly more worthy younger recipients. The liberal hue and cry was apoplectic about Palin and others who were proclaimed to be “fear mongering” by inventing such absurd notions as death panels that would throw grandma under the bus in a government healthcare takeover.

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Bumper sticker logic retards the debate

Seen on a car window in Leavenworth this week:

If you don’t want to pay taxes you must not want; educationfor our children, roads, bridges and airports, benefits to veterans, scienceand medical research, state and national parks, social security and Medicare,police and fire protection, hospitals & libraries, OR maybe you just don’twant to do your share!!!!!

In other words, quit your complaining and pay your taxesbecause the empire is working hard for you. I don’t know if this was a localcar or somebody from the Wetside, but clearly they don’t understand how ourAmerican system works and the problem is that too many of our citizens arebeginning to think this way.

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Out of My Mind 19

Shop local: Morethan just a motto

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is just around thecorner – at least that’s what the TV ads would have us believe – of course theystarted their campaigns around Halloween.

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