Clean up after your dogs

I find it disgusting and offensive when I watch folks out walking their dogs and “Doggie” takes a “poo” in the neighbor’s yard and after doing the deed, both continue on their way. How inconsiderate and irresponsible is that?

Furthermore, I have observed dogs out wandering around the neighborhood after dark in the late evening, unattended, free to choose whichever yard sites suit their purpose along the way on their nightly tour. Now this is very irresponsible of the dog owner.

I find it extremely disgusting when walking or driving down the alley (I won’t specifically say which one) and here we have what looks like the “official poo spot.” The folks that live around this area, along with me, do not find it very attractive to the eyes, not to mention the odor! Thank goodness it’s winter and not 90 degrees outside!

I took time the other day to clean up this “official poo area” as the dogs using it were running out of “drop” spots. By the way, you might like to know that the person who lives there and owns the property doesn’t even have a dog, nor does he have a kitty for that matter. I suppose he should be the one cleaning up after your dogs since, after all, he owns the property. Right?

You are probably wondering if I have a dog? Well, yes I do. Until recently, I had two dogs. I have a fenced yard so my dog is confined to her “official poo area” and yes, I clean up after her. I can say, on several occasions, she has ventured into neighbors yards and made her “poo” and yes, I’ve gotten a plastic grocery bag and promptly cleaned up after her. I might mention, even with a fenced yard, I have had a problem with a certain dog jumping over our fencing and using our yard to do his “poo,” then gracefully jump back over the fence and go on his way, scouring other yards.

I think it is wonderful that we have a nice neighborhood with sidewalks and well kept yards and a pleasant area to walk. It would be nice to show your appreciation of our neighborhood by carrying a plastic grocery bag and cleaning up after your dog does the “poo.” Please, do your part to help keep our neighborhood pleasant and clean.

I want to also acknowledge the folks that do clean up after their dogs. Good job! It’s appreciated and thank you for being a responsible, considerate dog owner.

Thanks for keeping our neighborhood attractive.

Viola M. Dowd