Don't fall for property scam

Dear Editor,

To all property owners:

My husband and I have received several letters from a company in California – N.R.L.L. East LLC – stating that they have analyzed our property and are willing to purchase it. The latest letter said they were willing to pay “$14,000 total in CASH” for this parcel. According to the letter, that is what recent sales in the area indicate the property is worth.

Curiosity got the best of me. I called. After giving a Lead ID number from the letter, I asked which property it was. Had to put me on hold to find out. I asked how many acres it was. Had to put me on hold to find out. I asked what section, township and range it was. Put me on hold and then when he came back on the line, could not tell me that information. So, if he could not tell me that info, how could they do any research to see what the price of surrounding properties have sold for in the area? He did finally tell me it was 42.5 acres. That equals $329 per acre.

When I told him I was a real estate broker and had been for 30 years and he needed to do some homework on values if he was going to make offers on property, he couldn’t hang up fast enough.

Folks, don’t get sucked in to this – I think it is a SCAM! Questions, please call me (509) 486-2138.

Jan Asmussen