Eagles not the one that quit negotiations with hospital

We keep hearing and seeing article in the newspapers stating the Tonasket Eagles quit negotiating with the North Valley Hospital on the purchase of the Eagles building and property and that we offered to sell 18 feet north of our building and 10 feet east of our building that is adjacent to the alley to the hospital. That is not true.

First, let me say that we do support the hospital and address the real reason why negotiation stopped. We the Eagles did not stop the negotiations with the hospital, we gave them an offer and they called a meeting to say they could not come up with funds to purchase the Eagles property. So negotiation stopped. As for the Eagles offering to sell the 18 feet north and 10 feet east of our building again, we did not say that! When the hospital decided they would no longer pursue purchasing the Eagles, they asked the Eagles if we would consider selling the 18 feet north and 10 feet east of our building. These are the true facts!

The Eagles at this time are looking into the possibilities of their request; any decision will have to be voted on by our membership. I hope this will clear up any questions concerning the Eagles and the hospital.

Thank you,

Jack Rawley

Tonasket Eagles