No time to worry about who has ‘cooler political gang’

Astute readers of this page or my books know that I have too many incompatible views on religion, gays and many other subjects to be accurately labeled a conservative. Thus I do not write here in defense of conservatism, which has flaws that Chelan Mirror Editor Les Bowen has recently enumerated to varying degrees of legitimacy.

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Liberals need to understand conservative resistance is ideological

My liberal minded Editor in Chelan has challenged me once again to debate the merits of liberalism vs. conservatism. He begins by “setting the facts straight.” So let’s begin by conceding the facts we all agree on.

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Source: Employment SecurityA graph illustrating the loss of jobs in the private sector while jobs in government have continued to rise.

Olympia majority snubbing voters by overturning I-960

I recently hosted a community call in our legislative district. Thousands of constituents participated and, as I suspected, jobs and the economy and taxes and spending were the top issues facing our communities. During the call, I asked participants how they would prefer to solve the $2.7 billion budget shortfall. Here are the results:

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While we’re on the subject of the First Amendment

The beauty of the Constitution is in its simplicity. The First Amendment is one sentence. My college English professor would say it is a horribly constructed run on sentence, but it is one sentence – clear, concise and to the point. Where we get into trouble is when we allow the lawyers to read things into it that are not there.

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Out of My Mind 12

Time to prevent eminent domain abuse in Washington State

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna made an important announcement in mid-January. After two years of meetings, his Eminent Domain Tax Force is ready to ask legislators to pass two bills that could help to protect property owners from abuse of the eminent domain laws that allow local governments to take property for whatever use they deem they need it for.

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New regulation not the answer

The economy is collapsing and despite Obama’s claims to the contrary, the government cannot get us out of this. The problem is that government spending does not add any real value to the economy. All the government can do is to “redistribute the wealth.” And redistribution does nothing to expand or create new wealth… That is why communism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

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Out of My Mind 11

Americansalways there to help

The U.S. response to the devastating earthquakein Haiti, both through the government and individually, is just one moreexample in many of how caring a nation we really are. Americans are always thefirst to send aid when disaster strikes, no matter where it happens, even toplaces that don’t really like us that much, like Iran which had a horrificearthquake a few years back. By just being who we are, a generous andcompassionate nation, we can best win the hearts and minds of the people of theworld. When those in need see those aid packages marked U.S.A., when they meetAmerican volunteers, it buys more good will than was ever bought at end of agun.

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Out of My Mind 10

Comp Plan in need of the KISS method

Although it was probably all done with the best of intentions, it appears the county’s draft for an updated Comprehensive Plan is growing into a beast that needs taming. The Coalition for Property Rights has stepped in to take on the issue and hopefully we end up with a much simpler document, which is probably what we needed in the first place.

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Freedom of speech not limited to individuals

The Catholic Church has finally decided to take a stand against the powerful Kennedy clan. Bishop Thomas Tobin has asked Senator Edward Kennedy not to take Communion because of his open support of abortion. Kennedy’s position is in direct conflict with the church’s teaching on the abortion issue.

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O, America, I hear you calling

My wife and I sat down to watch the new Celtic Womanconcert Saturday night. Irish music has always provided me with greatinspiration and in that regard Saturday night’s offering did not disappoint.But one song in particular from this concert caught my attention, their newsong is titled, “O, America!” For me the song was a dramatic reminder of thepromise our country has provided to a troubled world.

“O, America you’re calling. I can hear you calling me.”

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