Bad tax policy killing golden goose

Sunday night 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl offered a look at theworld’s newest corporate tax havens. If you missed it you can find it online at60Minutes – Corporate Taxes. Stahl did her best to attack those evil AmericanCorporations for setting up sham corporate offices in far away places in orderto avoid American taxes.

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The Great Lisbon Earthquake: Thinking theology and natural disasters

It was November 1, 1755, All Saints Day in the Roman Catholic faith. The churches were full as the faithful worshiped. Suddenly, the earth began to shake and continued for more than three minutes.

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Obese government needs gastric bypass surgery

Our Federal Government is paralyzed by inaction. Faced with the largest deficit in history caused by their gluttonous spending Congress continues to argue over crumbs.

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Out of My Mind 27

Reminder ofhow little control we have

The earthquake and following tsunami in Japan remind us howlittle control man has over nature. If you were up watching the news Thursdaynight, it was hard to believe your eyes watching the wave wash ashore pushingcars, boats and trucks, even buildings ahead of its path. And to know whilewatching, even though we couldn’t see them, that there were thousands of peoplebeing swept up in the devastation. The wave traveled across the ocean andreeked havoc as far away as California where boats were damaged in places likeCrescent City on Friday morning.

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Embracing the Keynesian myth: government is our savior

One of my liberal friends from the wet side sent me an email this week pointing out the hypocrisy of some of the Republican legislators in Wisconsin. Seems there are a number of them that are receiving farm subsidies. And according to my friend farm subsidies are just “welfare for the wealthy.” The implication is that no one with their head in the public trough can address the problems of government.

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Legislators want to sell dope to balance the budget

It has often been said thatpolitics makes strange bedfellows. Well, apparently it would appear that someof our representatives feel it’s time to surrender to the war on drugs and sellmarijuana through our state liquor stores. Does sort of cause one to wonderwhat they have been smoking in all of those committee meetings.

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Out of My Mind 26

‘Do Not Track’ bill a good idea

I was quick to sign up for the “DoNot Call” Registry when the program was made available and for the most part,it has worked well. Except for a few persistent callers who seem to blatantlyignore the law – mostly it seems, windshield repair services – I’ve been happywith the drop in cold calls wanting to sell me something I don’t want. Perhapsthe best comedic line concerning these pests came from Jerry Seinfeld when heasks a phone salesman what time he eats dinners so he can call him back then.Of course the salesman was indignant at the very thought someone might disturbhim while he was eating.

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Washingtonians owe twice as much in state debt

Moody’s Investors Service is a credit rating agency that performs international financial research and analysis on commercial and government entities. In December of 2009 Moody’s downgraded Washington’s bond rating outlook to negative. On Jan. 13 of this year, Moody’s said Washington’s net tax supported debt of $2,226 per capita is more than twice the national median of $936.

Let that sink in for just a moment.

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Out of My Mind 25

Don’t kill the messenger

Two issues back we ran an article on the Oroville SchoolBoard meeting with a headline announcing the fact the state Office ofSuperintendent of Public Instruction has put the Oroville Junior-Senior HighSchool on a list of 50 “persistently low-achieving” schools. SuperintendentSteve Quick was upset the newspaper used that as a headline, rather thansomething more positive like we did for the Tonasket School Board article.

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The party of no was right all along: Obama care is unconstitutional

Don’t pardon the pun and excuse me for gloating.

I’m gloating because Judge Vinson in Florida still understands the Constitution and the history of how freedom and competition is what has made our country exceptional.

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