Out of My Mind

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite celebrations of theyear and here in the North Okanogan we’re lucky to have both the Chesaw Fourthof July Rodeo and the Oroville Community Fireworks at Deep Bay Park.

While I’msure the rodeo club could always use more help, this year the fireworks displayis really in need of our donations to make sure it is as spectacular as inyears past — even more so being that it’s Oroville’s 100th Birthday as well.Those skyrockets aren’t cheap and even though some of our local andnot-so-local businesses have been known to help in the past — it’s not enoughand individual donations have been floundering. Don’t expect someone else willalways be there to pick up the tab.

So Ichallenge everyone that enjoys the fireworks to kick in something – a five orten, even a dollar if that’s all you can spare. Maybe some of the money yousaved on gas by not having to load up the kids and drive for miles to see agreat fireworks display because we have one as close as the community’s ownDeep Bay Park. I remember when I was a kid you had to go to Okanogan to see agood fireworks show.

Maybe someof our newest residents along the lake, those with some of the best views ofthe fireworks, could get together and take up a collection. Show you’re part ofthe community now. This is a community event put on by local volunteers — evenwith a local pyrotechnician — they deserve our support.

The Fourthof July just won’t be the same if we allow our local display to falter due to alack of community support. I’m proud that Oroville’s Community Fireworks showattracts people from all over the county as well as many of our neighbors tothe north. Let’s get together and raise enough money to guarantee this is agreat show and that we’ll have a good start on next year’s deposit.

Get theirearly for the best seats at the park and don’t forget to bring a blanket or acamp chair. Donations can be sent to: Community Fireworks, P.O. Box 370,Oroville, WA. 98844.