Old pine tree was a historical landmark

Dear Editor,

This last week we lost a landmark…the “Old Pine Tree” on Highway 20.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) had it cut down and removed. I did some calling and according to the DOT a tree specialist determined the age of this historic Landmark tree to be 163 years. They also told me that the reason for cutting this Landmark tree down was traffic safety. But folks, we all know that there have been many accidents near the Landmark “hangin’ rock.” Has the DOT done anything to change that? To my knowledge there has never been an accident at the Landmark tree. What is going on? I have 75 years of personal knowledge of this particular landmark tree; I lived across the road growing up as a child.

I know we can’t “put the tree back up,” but we sure could bring those landmarks logs to our local park and put a historical plaque for all future generations to enjoy and have DOT put a historical marker on the shoulder of the road marking the spot of this now former historical landmark. If anyone should benefit, it should be our community.

Edna Schertenleib