Out of My Mind 1

Fourth of July about Independence, escape from tyranny


As weapproach the Fourth of July and enjoy a nice barbecue, rodeo or fireworks -maybe all three, take a moment at some point during the day to remember justwhy we are celebrating.

Wecommemorate those who were willing to put pen to paper and sign their name to adeclaration of independence from what they believed at the time was atyrannical government – England. No small act. In doing so they made themselvesa target of the most powerful country in the world, with a king willing to goto war to force the “colonists” back in line.

We would dowell to remember those brave souls and honor them by making sure our owngovernment does not act in a tyrannical manner to its own people.

Some wouldsay that it’s too late, that factions in our government have already conspiredto take away our rights – that they’ve acted astyrants, trampling on the very ideals that led to our great country. That maybe so, but keep in mind that we still do not bow to a king and under our systemof government there are avenues, far short of war, to kick the tyrants out.

We live ina great country and we have many reasons to be proud of those that led beforeand high hopes for those that will lead in the future. May everyone have a safeand happy Independence Day.