Claire Rise celebrates a century with family and friends

Claire Rise celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at the Molson Grange Hall. Mark Loe/Mark Loe

Claire Rise celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at the Molson Grange Hall.
Mark Loe/Submitted photos

MOLSON – The Molson Grange Hall was the setting for Claire Rise’s 100th birthday party. Helping her celebrate were an abundance of friends and relatives.

Claire Rise and her daughter Sharman and granddaughter Valena.

Claire Rise and her daughter Sharman and granddaughter Valena.

There were 100 red and white roses decorating the tables and a beautiful cake that her daughter Sharman and granddaughter,Valena, made.

It’s appropriate to have her celebration held at the Grange Hall where she has spent so many years of her life giving to the community. She has been a Grange member for 82 years, one of the longest members in Washington State. Of those years, she has served in several ‘chairs,’ including Pomona and Flora, Secretary; Lecturer and Women’s Activity leader. She has been responsible for table decorations for special events and meetings.

The Molson School Museum has benefited from her time and energies also. She spent many years as hostess and was responsible for the flower arrangements for the rooms and kept the flower pots at the entrance looking attractive. She spent many hours on the outdoor museum, as well, landscaping and planting and maintaining the flowers along the walkway. She was still doing that in her 90’s.

For many years, Claire was very active in the 4-H club. She spent many years as leader and teaching young girls how to sew and several were there to help celebrate her birthday. She was the organizer for the ‘Molson Swift Stitchers’ and they won numerous awards through the years under her expert tutelage. One person at her party said “She didn’t just teach us to sew, she taught us to be seamstresses.” She has been judge at the Okanogan County Fair, as well as other counties. She was president of the Okanogan County Leaders’ Council and participant for several years at state leader’s council in Yakima.

Claire has also worked many years at the County Club Camp held at Lost Lake, teaching several different crafts such as leatherwork, beadwork, copper tooling and copper enameling. Tedi Hirst said that when she was younger, Claire taught her to make copper bracelets and that’s when she first fell in love with her.

“I’m sure others felt the same way,” said Fletcher.

Claire Rowton was born in 1918. She married Sidney Rise and moved into a house that her father-in-law built. She has continued to live in that house for 80 years. They raised five children: Lewis, Norris, Tom, Sharman and Kelly. She has eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren, many of which were at her celebration also.

One of Claire’s first memories was when she was three- or four-years-old and her family was moving from Montana to Canada. Her father had 100 head of horses and they traveled in a sheep wagon. When they got to the bottom of the first grade her father went to the border to see about getting the horses through, but was somehow unable to get through so they went on up the “hill” and stopped when they found a large stack of hay so they stayed and the rest is history.

Claire is a wonderful woman and one lady commented that she looks the same as she did 40 years ago. I think that is a compliment that so many share. Many more happy birthdays, Claire!

Editor’s Note: Ken Gausman, formerly of Oroville, will be celebrating his 100th birthday. He and his wife Eleanor are inviting family and friends to celebrate with them. An open house will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10 2018, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Avamere Hospitality Room 1550 Cherry St., Wenatchee. No gifts please.