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Gary DeVon is the managing editor of the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune and celebrated his 25th year at the newspaper in August 2012. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Communications - Print Journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism. He is a proud alumnus of Oroville High School. His family first settled in Okanogan County in the late 1800s. His parents are Judy DeVon and the late Larry DeVon and he has two younger brothers - Dante and Michael. Many family members still call Oroville home. He has a grown daughter, Segornae Douglas and a young granddaughter, Erin.

Stories by Gary DeVon

Are ATVs on the street a good fit for Tonasket?

The Tonasket City Council has been approached a couple of times asking it to consider allowing the use of ATVs, or All Terrain Vehicles, on the city’s streets. Although intriguing – who wouldn’t want to hop on their four-wheeler to run to town to get their mail, rent a movie or buy a loaf of bread, the council will have to balance that with public safety and variety of other considerations.

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Rollover accident on Eastlake Rd. sends two to hospital

OROVILLE – Two Oroville men were involved in a rollover accident on Eastlake Rd. early Sunday morning and the sheriff’s department suspects the cause was excessive speed – attempting a 25 mph corner at more than 70 mph.
Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a one vehicle rollover accident near 48 Eastlake Rd. east of Oroville on Sunday morning. It appeared the vehicle accident had occurred Saturday night, sometime after midnight

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A breach in wisdom

There is a breach in the wisdom that has held humanity together for the last one thousand years or so. We must choose whether or not to follow the Path to Wisdom until a brightly shining door becomes visible, or shall we follow an easier path that in all probability leads to a dead end? [...]

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G-T website gets a new look

Starting this week the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune has launched a totally redesigned website with a new look and feel we think our online readers will really appreciate.

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Democratic Convention was a comedy

Dear Gary,

While channel surfing between America’s Funniest Home Videos and the Democrat Convention last week I saw some predictable similarities of the two types of comedy. It is predictable and funny to see a guy try to teach a kid to hit balls with a bat, only to have the bat connect with the wrong balls. While the guy is on the ground rolling around in pain, the rest of the family is laughing.

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Open house Sept. 19 to discuss US 97/Cameron Lake Road intersection

Public invited to give feedback on roundabout, other design options OKANOGAN – Improvements are on the way for the busy US 97/Cameron Lake Road intersection – and local residents and drivers are invited to share their thoughts on several design options at an open house on Wednesday, Sept. 19 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. [...]

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Republicans didn’t let facts get in the way

Dear Editor, The sheer magnitude of falsifications streaming from the Republican camp is unprecedented. The only thing worse is the gullible people who hate Obama so much will believe anything that discredits him. But then again, the organizers of the Republican Convention said they weren’t going to let fact checkers dictate their show. And they [...]

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Central Ave. and Cherry St.

Oroville and U.S. Border Patrol come to an agreement on water

Central and Cherry resurfacing project to begin April 2013 OROVILLE – After several months of back and forth, the Oroville City Council authorized Mayor Chuck Spieth to sign an agreement with U.S. Border Patrol to supply water to their new multi-million dollar facility north of the city. The city had a letter from the U.S. [...]

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PUD needs to listen on Enloe Dam

Dear Editor,

Like every ratepayer in the county my electric bill took a big jump in August, my largest total ever for a single month. It reflects the last 6.5 percent increase imposed by the PUD and a very hot summer. I get even hotter when I think of all the millions of dollars wasted by the PUD on projects that clearly were not needed.

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Out of My Mind

Buckhorn gold mine’s closure will hit local economy in more ways than one

We sat down and talked with Okanogan County Assessor Scott Furman (see related story, page 1) last week about the current reassessment of the property within the Oroville School District and learned some surprising things. Although most of us know the Buckhorn Gold Mine was a big part of the reconstruction boom within the district [...]

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