We remain simple, honest bumpkins

Dear Editor,

Are you an American? Sold-out bureaucrats thoroughly despise those of us real-world bumpkins who deeply believe in our revered Declaration and in our declared Creator, and Provider.

We are those who still believe in our Constitutional Bill of Rights and our whole Constitution.

We are those who still believe in all our property rights.

We are those who defend our Founding Christian standards and values.

We are those who defend us all against predatory intrusions, appropriations, harassments and extortions by mercenary bureaucrats.

We are those who resist federal government seizure of all national power through domination, oppression and terror against all Constitutional principles.

We are those who will not sacrifice Christian standards, morality and health of our innocent youth.

We are those who oppose Executive branch one-man-dictatorship.

We are those still faithful to our Creator, our Constitution, our families, morality, values, stability and independence.

We are those who reject treason, parasitism, predation, Marxism, jihad and sold-out bureaucracy.

We are those who oppose having unconstitutional impostors living in our White House.

We Americans firmly defend only what is right and just—not this predatory and parasitic bureaucracy. We demand the nation we once were (not the Obama version.)

We real Americans remain simple, honest bumpkins. We don’t know a better way. Do you?

No impostor must betray our simple faith without paying the price in the hangman’s noose.

Ward Hartzell