Tietje sworn in as student representative to Oroville School Board

Student Rep. Katie Tietje being sworn in at the last Oroville School Board meeting. Photo by Gary DeVon

Student Rep. Katie Tietje being sworn in at the last Oroville School Board meeting. Photo by Gary DeVon

OROVILLE – Before rushing off to basketball practice, Katie Tietje was sworn in as the student representative to the Oroville School Board at their Monday, Nov. 28 board meeting.

After Superintendent Steve Quick swore Tietje in the non-voting representative to the board gave a quick report on the ongoing food drive and upcoming sports events and then left for practice.

Quick then presented plaques to outgoing school board members Tedi Fletcher, Verle Rowton and Patti Garrett. New school directors-elect David Nutt, Phil Barker, Christine Rise and Rocky DeVon will take their place on the board in January.

Under “Good News and Announcements” it was reported that a Brewster soccer fan had sent a letter to the district applauding the Oroville’s Girls Soccer team for their high level of sportsmanship. It was also reported that the school district is still receiving donations of musical instruments for the band.

Teachers Ed Naillon and Tony Kindred reported that the school is participating in the Microsoft IT Academy. Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn has joined with Microsoft to provide Office training for professional development and use in the lab in the schools, said Naillon.

“Oroville is one of 60 pilot schools testing the program,” Naillon said, adding that the Microsoft Office training will be available for both students and staff and completion of testing will give them certification.

“The idea is to provide students with an enhanced curriculum,” said Kindred. “It is pretty exciting the kids can take the CCI Certification exams, a lot of places are looking for that.”

Since the program is building related it will be available for both high school and junior high school students, according to Naillon.

In the principals’ reports, Elementary School Principal Joan Hoehn said the elementary school had between 10 and 15 students participating in the Gear Up program every night. She said they had been making spacecraft and were now working on robots. She also discussed the successful assembly with the Reptile Man who was sponsored by the Oroville PTO and the Missoula Children’s Theatre which was sponsored by the Oroville Booster Club.

High School Principal Kristen Sarmiento said her students were also working with Gear Up and that high school students were working on a tutoring program. She also reported on the Veteran’s Day Assembly and about the Special Education program.

“We received our determination level for Special ED and Level 1 is where you want to be. Oroville is Level 1 and that is where we want to stay, we’ve been there for a long time,” Sarmiento said. “We are in a small district where one student can make a big difference.”

The football, soccer and cross country coaches reported on their recently finished sports seasons.

The meeting concluded with district Business Manager Shay Shaw giving the financial report, as well as levy information based on the current assessed property valuation in the school district. The total property value in the district has declined somewhat. School board members will need to decide whether they will be asking taxpayers to contribute more per $1000 in valuation in order to collect the same or greater amount during the next levy election or to keep the current rate the same, but drop the total levy amount requested and cut services, according to Shaw.

The next meeting of the Oroville School Board is scheduled at 5 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 19 in the board room at the district offices located at 816 Juniper St.