Thrown into the recycle bin

Dear Editor,

The idea that the Affordable Care Act or Obama care is addressing injustice begs the question that was asked on the front page of your March 20th newspaper: Really? This article asked the question, who would throw fecal matter into the cardboard recycle bid?

Rob Thompson does not appear to have a problem with the fecal matter that was thrown at the public to promote Obama care or maybe he forgot all that in the euphoria of the “healthcare for all” moment. Who knows how many people were thrown into the recycle bin when it came to the “if you like your health insurance plan you can keep it” statement, or the “it will save the average family of four 2500 dollars a year”. There are many other statements and promises that have proved to be more socialist poop that is part of this plan. But the good news is that now that we have been force to swallow all that, we can justify these lies with; it is about liberty and justice for all… Really? Who has made the cost of healthcare go up? Who said there would be no “death panel,” (now we know) it is called a medical advisor board? Who has forced companies and institutions that are pro life to provide abortion drugs against their conscience? Who has limited cancer medication and treatment that was covered under old plans, not covered under Obama care? Who has made the best cancer treatment centers off limits to those on the Obama care plan? Is this justice for all?

The Obama administration just shook down the Toyota Corporation to the tune of 1.4 billion for lying about the safety issues they were having with one of their cars, there by putting the public at risk. Will those who pushed this health care plan on this nation be held accountable for the lies they used in forcing their agenda on the public? It wouldn’t take a DNA forensic investigation to figure out who crapped on the health care system this nation once had, but if that crap is relabeled: Chocolate, some people will love it, I guess?

Steve Lorz