Support hospital in challenging times

Dear Editor,

Over the past, several weeks there have been several articles in our local newspaper regarding North Valley Hospital. One was celebrating the completion of the newly renovated second floor surgical unit while the others have dealt with the ongoing challenges facing the hospital due to budget constraints and many new medical regulations during this time of medical upheaval.

With this in mind and the season of Thanksgiving approaching I have decided to use this forum to publicly thank the medical staff, all employees and let the community know how fortunate we are to have this facility available to us.

Since the beginning of the year, my husband has been a weekly patient at our local hospital. One could definitely say he has qualified for “frequent patient status”. The medical challenges have been many, however with excellent care his health steadily improves. The care is personal and that is important when illness strikes

The hospital provides many services, tests and procedures. I encourage the community to check and use the hospital facilities whenever possible.

A special thanks to Dr. Donald Sebesta, and the second floor surgical team for their excellent care and support. You are the best and I give thanks everyday that you are there for us!

Again, we are fortunate to have the quality of care that all those at NVH provide and we must try to support them during these challenging times.

Joanne Morris