Oroville's girls' soccer moves under the lights

OROVILLE – On Monday Oct. 12 the Oroville Lady Hornets soccer team hosted the Manson Lady Trojans and came away with a 4-3 victory.

“This was the first game of the year that the Oroville girls played under the lights on the football field. In fact, this is the first time that Oroville has been on the football field as they usually practice and play on their own soccer field,” said assistant coach Kristen Sarmiento. “Since the soccer field has no lights the rest of the Oroville girls’ games will be held on the football field.”

The Oroville girls scored early in the first half with goal made by Madi Hatch. This goal was followed up with a goal made off an indirect kick from Ashley Glover to Rachel Peters. Peters then scored again with a mid-field kick that made it into the net. This put Oroville up 3-0.

“At this time the Oroville girls thought they had already won and had a small lapse that allowed Manson to score two quick goals. This ended the first half with Oroville up 3-2,” Sarmiento said.

At halftime the rain really started coming down and this made for some very slick soccer. Hatch scored again only for it to be called back for an off-sides violation. Peters scored the final goal for Oroville with the final score being 4-3 in favor of Oroville.

“All of the Oroville girls played well with each one doing their part,” said the coach.

On Oct. 8th the Oroville girls travelled to Bridgeport to take on the Fillies. This was a rescheduled game as Oroville was hit hard with the flu.

“The Oroville girls started off the game very flat and just couldn’t find their rhythm,” Sarmiento said.

At the end of the first half the game was tied 1-1.

“The second half of the game was even worse for Oroville. The girls were not focused and this was very evident in their play and Oroville ended up losing the game 1-3,” the coach said.

Highlights of the game were Reinna Quick and Kelsey Hughes on defense, both girls played very tough. The one goal from Oroville was scored by Hatch.