Oroville Superintendent should apologize

Dear Editor,

I feel like us as citizens of Oroville need to be aware of an incident that happened at our last home football game vs. Liberty Bell.

I would not like to travel two or more hours and be treated as the Oroville Superintendent did the Liberty Bell Mountain Lions supporters sitting in the bleachers. I was proud of both teams. It was an exciting well played game and the sportsmanship was great. But in the second half the Mountain Lions started closing the score and their supporters started cheering and encouraging their team. That is when our superintendent decided that “he” had enough of their supporting their team and was rude and down right embarrassing. He told them there was designated areas (which was not there at that time) and they needed to move. They asked if he was serious. He stated “yes” he was serious and if they didn’t move he wanted them to leave the game.

Now to you citizens and you school board members what would happen if you were to drive some distance to support your children and you sat in an area that has a decent view of both ends of the field and was told you needed to move to the other end of the bleachers which is around the 20- 30 yard line of the south end of the field?

Yes again this was in the second half. This was unacceptable hospitality and bad sportsmanship. Maybe our school board and community should have a second look at who is leading and supposed to be a role model for our children. I apologize to the Liberty Bell Mountain Lions Visitors but think it should be our superintendent apologizing.

Good Luck to all the high school football teams and keep the good sportsmanship going. You are all enjoyable to keep up with.

Jessie Rise