Oroville still wants to spray for mosquitos

OROVILLE – It looks like Oroville will be spraying for mosquitos after all, if they can just get some of the logistics worked out and keep the price down.

At their Tuesday, June 18 council meeting, Rod Noel, Superintendent of Public Works, updated the council on whether the city will be doing mosquito spraying this year.

Several things need to be determined, but the city council authorized the spraying to proceed if the price is not too much higher than was budgeted.

“Okanogan decided not to do aerial spaying when Omak had pulled out due to budget worries… they are going to try a fogger like Conconully does,” said Noel.

“Riverside still wants to do aerial spraying and it looks like Omak may want to do so as well because they had quite an uprising at their last council meeting with people demanding they spray. Looks like Omak is doing a budget amendment.”

Noel said he feels the city can have the spraying done at a price within a few hundred dollars of what was budgeted if they combine with Riverside and Omak (which has the permit).

“It has definitely been the topic of discussion downtown,” said Councilman Walt Hart.

Mayor Chuck Spieth suggested it might be time for a mosquito district to be formed.

Noel said that the Public Works heads from all the towns involved in spraying should get together earlier in the year to work on the issue, rather than to try and figure something out just before mosquito season.