Not the businessman he claims

Dear Editor,

Public records indicate that John Smith is not the successful businessman and consultant that he claims. There is an extensive history of tax warrants, seriously delinquent property taxes, debt to investors and businesses unpaid for services provided. Showing 12 businesses registered with Washington State; LLC’s, non-profits, profits, sole-proprietors, all of which are currently expired or revoked (this explains his experience with corporations and charities).

His “Colville Farmers Market” expired in 2006 and the non-profit status revoked in 2007, is still running, although non-compliant with state rules and regulations and without a business license for the City of Colville. None of this information is slanderous or hearsay, it is documented. It’s time that the constituents know who they are voting into office and not vote someone in who has a blatant disregard for rules and regulations. The constituents against John Smith know his background or have had direct dealings with him and feel that he is not qualified to be making decisions that will affect the rules and regulations in which we, the constituents have to live by.

Running a Christian platform, one should uphold all Christian values in every aspect of family, business and community.

Ed Gann

Colville, Washington