Letters to the Editor, April 28

Problem solved

I may be getting on in years andmay have eccentric opinions.

If you are an immigrant and comehere in good faith and wish to assimilate yourself to us you must understand wehave one flag – the red, white and blue flag of the United States. We have onelanguage; the official language of the United States is English. We do not needany other. If you can’t speak it, learn it and use it only. If you wish tobecome a citizen you cannot say you are something American or you are not anAmerican at all.

We have room for but one soleloyalty and this is loyalty to the United States and the American people. Therecan be no diverse allegiance here. If you are serious and obey our laws,welcome. The Lord has blessed us – we should acknowledge him and give himpraise.

If we would deport 15 millionillegal immigrants that would be 15 million less people using our gasoline thenthe price of gas would come down. Bring our troops home from around the worldto guard our borders. When they catch an illegal crossing the border, tell himif he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military. Givehim a big old gun, a canteen and some ammo. After his tour he will become acitizen because he defended our country. He will be registered to be taxed andbe a legal citizen.

This option would probably deterillegal immigration and provide a solution for our troops in Afghanistan. Ifthey refuse to serve, ship them to Afghanistan anyway but without the rifle,canteen and ammo. Problem solved.

Roy McDougall


Try mediation

The last hearing regarding the County Draft ComprehensivePlan addressing development issues in Okanogan County is this Saturday, April30, at 10 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room. This issue has resulted in atremendous amount of conflict and a painful amount of anger and distrust in ourcommunities. Because of this, I am requesting the Commissioners seriouslyconsider referring resolution of the Comprehensive Plan to Mediation.

Our local Dispute Resolution Center (DRC), is capable ofresolving a conflict this large and seemingly difficult. DRCs across the statehave statistics to prove that they have done this sort of mediation against allodds. Mediation would not prevent the Commissioners from making the finaldetermination regarding the plan. It would, however, give local residents a wayto communicate and negotiate with each other and the Commissioners. Thelikelihood of this plan being taken to court, unless otherwise resolved, at acost to all of us, is very real.

If you agree, tell the Commissioners you support usingmediation to resolve the conflicts. In any case, start talking to your friendsand neighbors, with the belief that we have more to gain by working together,than believing it is ‘Us against Them.’ We all know how to get along well enough with our neighbors, because ina rural community, we never know when we will need them. So use that skill andwillingness toward the county, as the neighborhood that it is. What kind ofneighborhood do you want?

Here’s why I think mediation would work: Most people holdsimilar values in their appreciation of this county, that is why we live here.We love the rural character of this area, the open, beautiful landscapes,knowing our neighbors and business people. We love our families, doing goodwork, we believe in the Golden Rule. We cherish the agricultural way of life,we want a good life for ourselves and our children and to pass on to them whatwe have enjoyed. No one wants to be told what to do with what they own no onewants to be told what to do in general.

Some people know how to raise cattle, how to run anorchard and there are people who know how to resolve what appears to be complexand irresolvable differences. When you begin with the values held in common andweight what is truly important… it is surprising how much agreement alreadyexists. This creates a strong, mutual foundation, from which there is moreflexibility to work through conflicts.

I am banking on the hope that things have not become sodivisive that it seems silly to hope for good will, and that we can resolve ourdifferences. More than anything, I am hoping that mediation will restore thefaith and trust that we have enjoyed in each other and within our communities,as well as to provide a plan for future generations that we can be proud of.

This is our county. It is our responsibility to make it whatwe all want it to be.

Thank you,

Mary W. Minton


Fair tax system

After filing my taxreturn for 2010, and reading the news, I realized that I am truly privileged!In the news was an article that said that the top 400 personal incomes (average$345 million) were taxed at an average rate of 17 percent. When I calculated myrate, it turned out to be 18.3 percent, on an income much less than $345million. Don’t we have a fair and equitable tax system?