Kristin Sarmiento named Oroville High School Principal

OROVILLE – The Oroville School Board approved the hiring of Krisin Sarmiento as the new Oroville Junior-Senior High School Principal at their Monday, June 27 meeting.

Sarmiento was hired at a salary of $81,000 for the 2011-2012 school year. The decision was made as part of a full A-Z consent agenda, which also included the acceptance of the resignation and retirement of the outgoing Junior High Principal Patricia Scott, as well as the resignation of K-6 Principal Gary Pringle.

When asking for a motion on the consent agenda, Teddi Fletcher, board chairwoman said she would obstain from voting as Sarmiento’s hiring as principal and resignation as head high school tennis coach and assistant coach for high school girls’ basketball and girls’ soccer.

Sarmiento was recommended for the position by Superintendent Steve Quick who said she had finished second in the interviews when Scott was hired last year.

In his Superintendent’s Report, Quick said the K-6 principal’s search had already been listed on the district’s website and had over 450 hits and a few applications had come in.

“Hopefully we’ll get some qualified candidates,” said Quick.

The superintendent also said the summer maintenance program had shifted somewhat from “deep cleaning” to a priority of painting the inside and outside of the grade school.

“The PTO is going to come in and help… they’re excited to see the painting. Also, in addition to the grade school we hope to paint the bus garage and make the buildings all three match,” Quick said.

Earlier in the evening, under Good News and Announcements, School Director Fletcher commented that the buildings were looking good with lots of cleaning and painting going on.

“The grounds look very nice also,” she said.

The superintendent said a decision on which path the board wants to take regarding remodeling of the elementary school needs to be made by August to get it on the November ballot.

“Whether we decide on a capital levy or a bond in November, remember the levy is in February. There is only so much the taxpayers can handle,” said Quick. “On the flipside, construction costs and interest rates are at historical lows.”

Superintendent Quick also asked the board members to meet following the regular school board meeting to discuss contract negotiations. In addition, a budget workshop was set for Monday, July 11 at 5 p.m.

Quick presented Connor Thompson with a plaque for being the recipient of the Glover Cup, as well as a plaque for representing the student body on the school board.

In making the presentation, Quick said, “Hopefully we can replace him with someone of equal caliber, although he has some tough shoes to fill.”

Earlier in the meeting, under old business, the board approved hiring Quick for the 2011-2012 school year at a salary of $98,000.

In her financial report, Business Administrator Shay Shaw said she hoped to have a budget somewhat put together by the July 11 Budget Workshop.

She also told the board that the teacher’s salary schedule, as set by the state, included a 1.9 percent cut by Governor Gregoire. The district is not allowed to make up the difference.

“Those at the top of the salary schedule will feel the pinch more,” added Supt. Quick.