U.S. Border Patrol to break ground on new Oroville Station

SPOKANE – U.S. Customs and Border Protection announces the groundbreaking of the new U.S. Border Patrol station at Oroville, Washington on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

The new state-of-the-art secure facility meets eco-friendly LEED component certification and will be strategically located near the Oroville Port of Entry. The $15 million project supports operationally required expansion in staffing, technology and infrastructure. During the station’s year-long construction, the agents will be deployed full time on horse patrols, boat patrols, ATVs and snowmobiles and will be operating out of the current Oroville Station location.

The new Oroville Station, part of the Spokane Sector of the USBP, will comprise three separate structures that support 50 to 75 agents and feature expanded installation of cameras, lighting, fencing, enclosed parking and a multi-purpose training facility for horse patrol and K9 detection related activities. The facilities contract has been fully awarded to JKT/PCL Development (Bellevue, Wash.) and any local contractors seeking employment are directed to inquire via email through www.jktdevelopment.com.

Oroville Station History

The original station was established in 1924. In 1934 the station was merged with the Toroda Creek and Molson stations centrally located in Oroville. The Oroville office was moved to several locations prior to the current site. The present Oroville Border Patrol Station was built in 1972 and remodeled in 1989.