Kinross Gold gives back

Dear Editor,

In 2011, during the horrific rain storms that hit western Okanogan County, we lost a section of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail in the Loomis State Forest. The WADNR didn’t have the funds to do the repairs to this segment of the Trail, and because we have an Adopt-A-Trail Agreement with them for that stretch of trail, it was left to the PNTA to come with the funding.

Early this year I submitted a funding request, which Trygve Culp and I put together, to Kinross for two weeks of crew time to do the repairs! This week I received a check from Kinross for $10,400 which will enable us to put our local SKY Crew in the Loomis to perform the much needed repairs. Packing support for this project will come from the Okanogan Valley Chapter of the BCHW and for this I extend our gratitude, as well.

Kinross has been a godsend for recreation over the years in North Central Washington, and the PNTA, as well as recreationalists in general owe them considerable thanks.


Jon Knechtel – PNTA

Director of Trail Operations