How willing are we?

Dear Editor,

Concerning the closing of the Tonasket Assisted Living Facility- One question comes to mind, “How willing are we?” Sounds like we as a community are pretty willing. We have people voicing strong emotions, people picketing in Tonasket, people offering letters to the editor, prayers, concerns, and people putting energy into finding alternatives in light of the impending closure. This all translates to a community that is willing, a community that has passion, drive and a vested and eager interest in keeping the facility open and serving our community.

So naturally the next question is, “What does it take?” (To keep this facility open). Some would simply resolve to the answer, “A huge sum of money that we don’t have and can’t get”. Really? Is that how you got your first car, horse, college education or whatever your life’s dream and heart’s desire was? So really, what does it take? 200 hours of volunteer labor per month, a monthly fundraiser, large contributions from large companies, donations of supplies, restructuring or rescheduling of personnel, moving the facility to a different building, improved buying power, a special levy- all of these things and more? Are we as a community willing to do what it takes?

We as North County residents are a strong group of people with a wide variety of resources. Perhaps there is a way to keep the Assisted Living Facility open to serve our community. We support skate parks, water parks, veteran memorials, athletics, the environment, schools, animal rescues and many other important causes. Again, are we willing to do what it takes?

Kim Renner