Hover has our back

Dear Editor,

I find it interesting how some people can say things that just aren’t supported by the facts. During the campaign I have heard people saying “that’s what I heard” instead of “that’s what I know.”

What I know is that Bud Hover works hard for us. He takes on the state and federal agencies when they make decisions that work against us in Okanogan County. He’s not afraid to sit down in their offices and tell them to their face what they’re doing wrong, and what they need to do to fix it. He is willing to take the fight to Olympia or to D.C. and he always has our back. Bud has fought for the outfitters in the Methow by working to keep our outfitting areas from being taken over by the expansion of the National Parks. I know that Bud supports the kids in our county both his and ours. He has fought for money from congress for our schools and roads and has brought millions of dollars back to Okanogan County. This is money that would otherwise come directly out of our county tax base, a tax base that gets smaller because of programs initiated by the state and federal agencies. It is only right that they make up for the loss and pay for their fair share for the land they manage in our county. Bud gets that and he works hard to insure our county is treated fairly and that it’s people’s rights are respected. Bud gets the job done for all of us. That’s why I’m voting for Bud Hover for Okanogan County Commissioner.

Aaron Lee Burkhart