Hover a man of his word

Dear Editor,

This election is one of the most important decisions that all residents of Okanogan County must make. Ballots are coming out to residents this week. This letter is to voice our support in re-electing Bud Hover to Okanogan County Commissioner for District 2.

Since he took office in 2005, we have watched him enthusiastically endeavor to understand the broad range of complexities that our county faces. When he speaks on key issues, it is obvious that he has a firm knowledge and clear understanding of all aspects of county government, not only land use issues, but how the economic recession has affected the county budget, the importance of conservative fiscal responsibility, how to provide ongoing services without sacrificing public safety and how to move the county government in a positive direction. As an incumbent, the experience has has gained and the relationships he has developed with key Senate, Congressional and local legislators, we believe are an invaluable advantage for the county.

We have been highly impressed with Bud’s honesty and integrity along with the ability to make sound decisions after considering and weighing all sides of any issue against the consequences and long term needs of our county. Our citizens have always come first and foremost. The commissioner we want to represent us during these difficult times is one with experience, a proven record of fiscal responsibility, competent in articulating his position to a variety of audiences and one who will seriously consider the long term affects to all of us in one way or another. Bud is not afraid to advocate for positive changes and continue to keep our values and lifestyles with our best interest at heart, even if unpopular to some. Bud will continue to fight for our independent freedoms and constitutional rights as he has for the past eight years. He is a man of his word.

Join us in voting for Bud Hover, Commissioner, District 2.

Thank you,

Mary Lou Peterson

Mike Bourn