Commissioner Branch to address Community Meeting In Okanogan

Submitted by Sharon Sumpter

President, Represent Okanogan County
Chris Branch
Chris Branch

OKANOGAN – Okanogan County Commissioner Chris Branch will speak to citizens about his first months in office and the important issues before the county. This public meeting will be held at the Okanogan Grange Hall, 305 Tyee Street, Okanogan on April 23, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The theme of this community outreach is “Improvements, Direction and Future for Okanogan

County.” The public is invited to listen to the Commissioner’s comments and ask questions that are of general interest to the audience. After this talk, the participants will brainstorm how to get involved and stay abreast of county actions, using a variety of methods. Topics will include the commissioners’ meetings, research, candidate leadership development, voter registration, ways to access information, and how to get involved.

This community engagement event is sponsored by Represent Okanogan County, a nonpartisan, education-focused organization. Their mission is to advance the transparency, responsiveness, and accountability of Okanogan County’s elected leadership. Its focus is good county governance and informing and engaging citizens’ ability to affect change.