Changing Lives: Wenatchee Valley College Omak Foundation

Submitted by Kay Sibley

Wenatchee Valley College Foundation

Kiana Sam is an example of how WVC at Omak is helping change lives.

Kiana Sam
Kiana Sam

Her advice and recommendations to high school seniors would be, “Don’t grow up too fast! Enjoy the time you have and cherish all the little things. To be a successful student takes a lot of self-discipline and responsibility, but all the hard work really pays off in the end, so dive into your education and take advantage of the opportunity while you can. I must say, there was no better feeling than when I was walking across the stage at graduation and being able to take that deep breathe and say, I did it!”

Sam graduated from Lake Roosevelt High School on June 10, 2017 and from Wenatchee Valley College on June 17, 2017 with her Associate of Arts & Sciences degree. She transferred to Eastern Washington University this Fall, planning to earn her Bachelors Degree in Business and a Minor in American Indian Studies.

Sam continued, “I chose WVC Omak because it was the most convenient campus available that provided all the resources necessary to make my Running Start experience successful.”

“Some advantages that arose by attending WVCO were, I had the privilege of creating my own schedule for classes, I had a wonderful and reliable advisor, and like I said before the availability of resources at the Omak campus were very convenient. Even though I live a far distance away campus, the Omak campus gave me the opportunity to take classes in person for a better learning environment. The only disadvantage I had while attending WVCO, was that there were a few classes I was interested in that were only offered in Wenatchee at the main campus.”

“Sadly, I was unable to participate in student activities. I worked full time, and had a lot of community activities I was involved in for the tribe.”

“My overall experience was great! I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I felt like I could really rely on my advisor at WVCO for anything that popped up and that was the support I needed.”

The Wenatchee Valley College Omak Foundation offers support for local students attending our local campus with gas cards, grants, and scholarships. If you are interested in becoming a part of the WVC Omak Foundation at Foundation meetings held at 12 noon the third Tuesday of each month in Magoo’s back room.