Career Tech class building gazebo for Centennial Park

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OROVILLE – Career and Technical Education teacher Ed Naillon appreciates that the Centennial Park Committee thought of his students when they needed a gazebo built for the new park.

“Whether its dugouts for the baseball teams, the benches for the hallways, cabinets for the classrooms or the gazebo we are currently working on for the Centennial Park project, the students can easily recognize that the skills they are developing are relevant, applicable and may someday solve real problems or tasks in their lives,” said Naillon.

From the list of projects the class has completed it is easy to tell that the students have been busy. Their teacher says these projects and the support he’s had from the families, students, school board and administration has enabled him to immerse the students in real-world applications.

“Real customers make the difference, no simulations required,” he said.

“They are proud of what they do and how they fit into the team we have built and they have made me proud this year,” said their teacher. “This group of young people have worked together, learned together and shown that they are concerned with the projects we take on and the benefits they will have to others.”

Naillon used Computer Aided Drawing to design the 12’x12’x12′ gazebo which is being built modularly in four sections so that it can more easily be transported and assembled at the park.

“It is substantial, really quite big,” said the teacher.

The labor force has been divided into teams with each having a team leader, according to Naillon.

“All the major components are complete… we just need to put in the floor system.”

About why Naillon and the students volunteer their time and skills, he answers, “For 45 minutes a day we can think about others and take pride in our contributions to society.”

The teacher said he would be happy to consider other community projects next year to give his future students more real-world experience.

“I think this is just wonderful and a great gift to the community,” said Barb Drummond, chairwoman of the Streetscape Committee which is leading construction of the new park which celebrates Oroville’s one-hundredth birthday.