Benches: Traded comfort for cash

I thought my bench letter was fairly explanatory, if digested thoroughly. Let’s flip the spectrum to summer. Any day above 90 degrees with a beating sun on dark brown cement will not “cool your buns.” It will cook them. How many hot days will Oroville have next summer? As I said, the slat wood type are comfortable and useable at any temperature.

And the posture angle. Do you like to squat or lean? I guess it depends on the moment.

So, between the hot and cold days of the year, how many days could we “comfortably” use these benches? I quote comfortable because they are anything but. On a scale of one to 10, I give them a three.

Want to stop the “paint and replace” policy? Use composite (fake) wood (sorry boss), like some new decks. The extra cash you require for such would be re-claimed years before the life of the bench. No maintenance.

I must have stepped on some toes with this opinion. Excuse me, I just fail to see any practicality. We traded comfort for a little cash, bottom line.

Formerly gracious,

Dan Dixon