A few would ruin park for the many

Just came back from a walk in “Dog Poop Park!” Truly, a desecration of a public place and a beautiful park that carries the name of a respected local icon.

I wanted to linger a while longer there this day. It’s such a nice place. And a lot of labor goes into maintaining a beautiful park for we residents of Oro to enjoy ballgames, outings, walk arounds and other recreation. Thank you, to the City of Oroville for your wonderful work.

But a couple drove in and unloaded their toys that immediately begin running around untethered. Unfortunate as I was already disturbed by the “Humans,” for lack of a better word, I’ve seen walking (?) their unleashed dogs and leaving without cleaning up after them.

These few (Humans) will see to it that the place will more than likely to be padlocked before it becomes Pound. I would be sorry for that. But, experience has told me those of you who will not clean up after your dogs will trash everything and not respect anyone’s generosity as your world concerns itself with you and no one else.

Cal Porter

Beautiful Eastlake Road