Advice for new Chevy dealer

Competitive competition and new businesses are positive additions to our area, but here is a bit of friendly advice to the new boy in town. If you have the best prices, we will know it. If you have the best service, we will know it. If your deals are honorable, we will know it. And if not, we’ll know that too. Your advertising tactics however are not inspiring confidence in your ethics.

Perhaps you might take a look at how the old guys up north (your words, not mine) have managed to keep a good business and repeat customers for 35 years. You just might learn something and be around long enough to become an old man yourself.

Friend and customer of Hedlund Chevrolet.

Debbie Philleo


Editor’s Note: We have no knowledge of any advertising tactics that are unethical on the part of “the new guy.” So far the advertising that has been done in our newspaper has all been straightforward and above board. This newspaper has always maintained a good relationship with Hedlund’s in Tonasket and Sunrise’s predecessor, Price Motors, in Omak and we expect the same from the new Chevrolet dealer. Murky references to “advertising tactics” that don’t inspire confidence without actual examples are akin to spreading rumor and innuendo. Loyalty to a favorite business and voicing it is admirable; nonetheless, this probably isn’t the proper forum for this particular discussion and is perhaps best left to the two car dealers to work out amongst themselves