Letters to the Editor, December 15, 2016

Donations make a difference

Dear Editor,

The board of directors of the Tonasket Food Bank want to thank the community for all the support we receive through those who volunteer at the food bank, canned goods collections, and the monetary support that allows us to serve healthy food to our clients.

In the past two years, we have been able to purchase a building and put up a permanent sign to indicate our location on Highway 97, as well as replace the deteriorating shake overhang with a new metal roof. This has made a tremendous difference to the board, both in having a permanent location and in making improvements that benefit clients and volunteers alike.

We continue to supply turkeys and hams to the families we serve during the holiday season. Recently, we have added fresh produce to our distributions, supplementing the usual canned and dry goods with more than potatoes and onions. The ability to do this has been largely due to the support and generosity of our community. Your donations have made a difference in so many ways, including in how the families who receive the food can eat more healthfully. In these difficult times it is nice to know that our community cares and will step up. Thank you all!

Melanie Thornton



Sticking through tough times

Dear Editor,

The Oroville Food Bank staff would like to thank our volunteers and sponsors.

As many of you know our town has been hit hard by two businesses closing. We reached out to our community and the response we have had from all of you was enough to give everyone turkeys for Thanksgiving. We also received $5 to $15 gift certificates which have been given to families since Thanksgiving.

Our volunteers are some of the most wonderful helpers we could ever have. I would name them but so many just want to remain anonymous. We have the volunteers who help unload and put things away, we have people who bring out the food, make up sacks, work the front table to check people in and give them a choice what to pick and volunteers who bag up the potatoes, onions, apples and more.

It takes a lot of work to operate a food bank. Jeff goes on an aerage three to four times a month for food, to Subway and the two grocery stores in town. Noreen and Dawn also go every Saturday to Omak for food, Sara keeps our books straight, Linda checks people in and Ken and Vern are always there to give a hand. Honestly, we have so many helpers this could go on forever.

We also want to thank all the businesses and each individual who has selflessly donated time, effort, money and food so all could have a great holiday.

The food bank wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for all of you. Our town might be small in size, but we stick together through tough times. Once again, thank you all and God bless.

Sarah Umana



PUD crew was remarkable

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the Okanogan County PUD! Thanksgiving eve, just after dark, our power went out! Food to cook for Thanksgiving and two older kids home from W.S.U. I noticed the top of our transformer pole is slowly burning. My wife calls PUD emergency dispatch. Soon Jeff Rhoads appears! Jeff sees the situation and says he will try to get some help! Everyone else is looking forward to Thanksgiving too.

Who might come? Pretty soon here comes more PUD trucks, a new pole, Bruce Rawley, Derek Williams and Bbrian Martin, who along with Jeff Rhoads proceed to pull the burned old pole, dismount the transformer, mount all the new hardware, reinstall the new pole, hook up all the new hardware, and reinstall the wires, all in the dark with wonderful attitudes! These are great men, who, with an outstanding attitude, worked into the night to save our Thanksgiving! Remarkable men, one and all! Thanks so much Jeff Rhoads and Okanogan County PUD.

P. S. We will sincerely miss Joyce Emery’s article.


Geoff and Dianne Thornton and all of us

Ages 12 through 53



Miss This & That

Dear Editor,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter. To say that I miss Joyce Emry’s column would be a huge understatement. Before we moved here almost 16 years ago, we subscribed to the Gazette-Tribune, as the only way to find out the “real” news in Oroville was to read Boot’s column. That is still (or should I say was) the reason we subscribed to the paper.

I know this is not Gary’s fault, but please let the publisher know how disappointed we are that Boots and Clayton’s writings are no longer available. The reason for my subscription has gone, and maybe the subscription will go, too. If just a few of us cancel our subscriptions, the paper will lose more than if they had retained our favorites. Try listening to your subscribers.

Tillie Porter



Watching Trump tensely up north

Dear Editor,

People north of your border are asking how a country with a long history of democracy has so many people supporting Trump. We know that many Americans are discouraged and without jobs. But do Trump supporters really believe that a man who lives in a 180 room home, has not paid taxes towards the common good (like for schools, roads, and hospitals..) for 18 years, doesn’t show a record of giving to charity, brags about being immensely rich, has had 6 bankruptcies with many employees not getting paid, lost $916 million in a single year, has had three marriages, and is accused of groping women..is he the savior who is going to “make America great again”? Is he a good listener or do you just hear “I’m going to do this or that: mostly a chorus of I…I…I?Trump seems to have a short attention span, as shown in the debates. He couldn’t stay on topic, was poorly prepared, and couldn’t resist being insulting: not good characteristics for a future president who must be able to study problems thoroughly and get along with others. Being a president should not be a one-man show.

Bad echoes come to mind. Hitler said: “I’ll make Germany great again. I use emotion for the many and reason for the few. If you tell a lie often enough, it will be believed.” I am not saying that Trump is a Hitler, but Trump uses emotion to attract. His tax plan: Big tax cuts for the rich and for corporations mean ever bigger deficits.
We will be watching tensely because who you chose affects us and the whole world.

Marilyn Hansen

Summerland, BC