Police Chief Todd Hill resigns from Oroville Police Department

Taking job with Cowlitz Tribal Police

OROVILLE – After 16 years with the Oroville Police Department, Police Chief Todd Hill tendered his letter of resignation at the Tuesday, Jan. 21 city council meeting.

Hill submitted his resignation in a closed door executive session and it was later approved by the city council after coming back into session.

“I have accepted an offer of employment with the Cowlitz Public Safety Department. My last day of employment with the City of Oroville will be effective Tuesday, February 4, 2020,” said Chief Hill’s letter. “It has been my pleasure to work for the City of Oroville for the past 16 years.”

Chief Todd Hill
Chief Todd Hill

The chief went on to say that the past five years had been particularly challenging but also rewarding. Among those challenges have been the dwindling number of officers working for Oroville’s Police Department, many of whom have taken higher paying jobs with better benefits at other agencies, including the Okanogan County Sheriff’s department, where two officers recently went to work. With Hill’s resignation Oroville will be down to one officer, Sgt. Chris Patterson. It takes five officers to patrol the city 24 hours a day, according to Hill, who adds Oroville has at least one officer who was looking at coming here to fill a lateral position.

“During the past five years I learned quite a bit about city government and the challenges the council faces to keep the city operating effectively and efficiently. I have a deep respect for each one of our councilmen and their commitment to the citizens of the City of Oroville. There were many trials we faced as a police department.”

Hill said the trials not only affected the officers but the city as a whole and that he was grateful for the council’s unwavering support of the police department, the officers, employees and their families.

“Their support has made a distinct difference in the way we conducted business from day to day. I have developed many professional friendships throughout the years. I value each one of them and the impact they have had on my professional career and personal life.”

Hill, who grew up in Okanogan, will be commuting between Oroville and the Cowlitz Tribal Safety Department position until the end of the school year. He and his wife have four children, ages 22, 19, 16 and 14.

“When my wife Dianna and I moved to Oroville with our three children 16 years ago, it quickly grew on us. We grew to love the City of Oroville and all it had to offer. We found Oroville to be a great place to raise our four children. We have many fond memories.”

Hill said his family will move to Spokane and that will allow them to be closer to his wife’s parents who live there. He also said that working for the Cowlitz Public Safety Department will allow him to work with Kevin Newport, a former Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputy, who now works for the department.

I appreciate the opportunity The City of Oroville gave me to serve the city and citizens of Oroville. As a result, I believe I am a better person today than I was when I started. I wish you all well in the future and plan to live in the City of Oroville for now,” writes Hill.